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Pros: Dishonest 
Cons: Dishonest- will take your money and not render service
Pros: They know what they are doing, and they have a great attitude about helping you, without talking down to yhoju.
Cons: I have not found anything negative yet.
Comment: Since this COVID stuff started, they are not open as much as they once were, but that is not their fault.
Pros: Nothing 
Cons: Illegal 
Comment: Triangle was a solid experience! They were not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for!!
Rick Cline11/13/2020
Comment: This mr roberts is a crook. He was supposed to grind 4 stumps 8 weeks ago. He has every excuse in the book and has yet shown up to do the job. He spoke to his employees like animals.. cursing them etc.. he left a huge mess after cut down the trees.. i paid him the full amount because he was supposed to come back the next day.. DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY. HE GOES BY DUSTIN BUT HIS NAME IS JAMES ROBERTS.
Comment: All services, as advertised and advised. The rest of the staff was great, too.
Pros: Multicultural hair salon and barbershop; we speak English & Spanish, we do all kinds of hair.
Cons: Eyebrow waxing only.
Pros: Satisfied
Comment: I had a great experience replacing my roof with Triangle Building Company. Excellent price for work well done!
Pros: Did not finish the job as promised. Extremely unprofessional. Do not hire them. 
Cons: Everything is a con with this company. 
Pros: none
Cons: my grandmother was killed by a nurse
Comment: why...