About Us

US-Business is an online business directory service, catering to both businesses and consumers by providing easy and quick access to multiple businesses, or a specific business, when searching for them. Basically, when you come to our website and type in a business’s name, or what type of service you are looking for, we provide an easy and quick way to find just what and who you are looking for!

The best thing about our company is that we are 100 percent REAL, actually operated and ran by human beings, not computers. We are a spam free and trusted online portal to find your business or service needs.

For Businesses:

US-Business knows just how important it is that your business gets the exposure that it needs in order to be a successful adventure. Social media is the number one way to expose your business, and promote yourself and through US-Business, it's simple and affordable!

We have many packages and premiums available depending on your business needs. US-Business lists your business so that when consumers type in any key word that would relate to your business, or what your business does, it will bring up the name of your company, the address and phone number giving you direct contact with new clients daily!

For Consumers:

Consumers also have the need to find a business or a service, fast and easily without the hassle of searching for hours upon hours through needless sites. Instead, US-Business provides the easy simple way of coming to our site, typing in the search engine and there you go! Either type in a specific business or type in a service, and our website will list ALL of the businesses in and around that area that cater to what you are looking for!

Quite possibly the best thing about US-Business is not only the fact that businesses will get more exposure, more sales and more customers but also the fact that consumers can search for MULTIPLE businesses at once to compare distances and/or quality.

Our company provides quality and professional company listings, that are organized in the most relevant categories that enable consumers to easily locate businesses. This benefits both consumer and business, providing both with exactly what they need.

We understand the rising customer demand and we understand the rising of the once failed economy, so our company knows that getting your business well known, and helping consumers find you, all in one spot, is the perfect way to boost sales. Consumers and businesses alike are raving about US-Business and how much this site has allowed them to reach their goals within their company and also how much it has helped customers find who and what they were looking for. With US-Business, the search is over.