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Pros: Very clean. Well stocked. Moderate pricing. Convenient location. Convenient hours.
Cons: Parking is somewhat inconvenient due to traffic on main highway.
Comment: Friendly, helpful staff.
Pros: Great Place to Worship
Pros: Saved my style about $140 a month in fees, and sweet me up with marketing support.
Cons: None really besides it took a few days for my device to arrive
Pros: Saved my style about $140 a month in fees, and sweet me up with marketing support.
Cons: None really besides it took a few days for my device to arrive
Pros: Excellent burgers.
Cons: None.
Comment: Great atmosphere
Comment: Honest family owned business that was there for me when I needed work done. The guys that did the work were knowledgeable and explained what they were doing and why.
M. Biandolillo10/01/2019
Pros: none
Cons: very poorly ran business, no communication, failure to complete project, delivery of inferior product
Comment: ****She has changed this from Bottoms Up Dock, Piling, and Marine Restoration to simply Up. If I could leave 0 or negative stars I would. Bottoms Up Dock, Piling, and Marine Restoration out of Pass Christian MS, Judy Maxwell and David Henderson took $5500 dollars from me for a boat lift project, It was almost impossible to contact them after I gave them the money. The text message responses were always the same " Its on the way". 10 weeks later, , when they did finally respond to my email , the so called "owner" said I was harassing her. I contacted the BBB on them and still nothing. She just claimed more harassment. Contacting the BBB is not harassment in my book. One day out of the blue she dropped off an inferior lift to the one we agreed upon when I was not home. She claimed this is what was agreed upon. The lift I was supposed to get was a 7000lb aluminum lift with a stainless steel motor and 3 sets of aluminum bunks for a tritoon boat, instead she "dropped" off what looks like a used galvanized lift. The motor and gears are rusted. The lift she dropped off is a 4000lb galvanized lift and the cradle is only 9ft wide. My boat is 8'10" wide so there is no way it will work. she claimed the lift she left was top of the line and for me to quit contacting her. I contacted the lift manufacturer "American Power Hoist". He has no record of her or her fiance. ever buying a lift from them. the manufacturer put me in touch with his distributor for this part of the country. He says he only sold them 1 lift and that was in February of 2019 (before I had an agreement with them) but none since then. He feels they probable bought it off ebay ,amazon, or some local shop. The lift they left (according to distributor) retails for $1500 and that includes delivery. She claims its a $5500 lift and refuses discuss the matter. She has deleted her website, instagram, and facebook. Now I have to waste my time seeking legal action, but I am going to to the full extent of the law. I simply want my $5500 back and to call it a day. It is my opinion they have no clue what they are doing and if I lived on the MS Gulf Coast I would stay away from them if you have any marine needs
Pros: A central location is the only thing this property has going for it
Cons: Disrespectful, rude owner and staff, crumbling rooms, nothing works
Comment: First, there's no WiFi in my room. When I went to complain after checking in I was abruptly told by the owner, "Full refund, YOU LEAVE!" I panicked because all my earthly belongings were in the room and my car was in the shop--I had no way to leave! So I just swallowed it. Later that evening I started to run water for a bath and there was no stopper for the bathtub. Also, the handle to the bathtub faucet was hopelessly broken to the point that only scalding hot water would come out. Half the lamps in the room were either broken or had no bulb. The next day I went back to try to negotiate over the lack of WiFi. I asked to be moved but was told that I could either take a refund and leave or wait until the next day when housekeeping was present to immediately clean the room I was asking to vacate. Basically, the whole stay has been one in which I've been treated rudely and one in which I've been told to "get over it or leave." The staff is as surly as the owner. Pass this place by if you want any sort of quality.
V Ellis05/29/2019
Comment: Need a negative star to check. Every negative review online was true. The guy called me around 2pm saying he was supposed to call me to let me know if he was arriving in the AM or PM. This is now PM of the day he is arriving. Ok, so he got busy and forgot I guess, that was not a big deal because he was now on his way to my house. He wanted to know if someone would be there. I said someone would be there to meet him (I was not, but had made arrangements with my contractor) and I would call them to let them know he was arriving at 3:30 to 4:00 pm as he stated. At 3:06 pm I called his cell to check his arrival time and to see how far out he was, no answer. I then sent him a text. I called again, and again he would not answer his phone. After the latest time had passed when he said he would arrive, I called the main office. Their response was that he said I was supposed to call him back to verify someone would be at my house. That is untrue. He also then claimed he drove through our town but had already passed through before I called back. Really? He drove one and a half hours to not stop? Keep in mind our town is on the way to their office. My final call was 30 minutes before the earliest time he said he would arrive. I made the appointment several days ago and then I had second thoughts because I could not find a decent review anywhere for these folks. The ladies on the phone were very nice and accommodating, but that's is about it. It's clear to the guy was evading because he did not answer his phone before the time he was to get to my town to verify the time he would arrive. If in fact he was waiting for a call back, he would have answered. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS, call Cowboy Maloney in Oxford, Mississippi and ask for a referral for a service person.
Glenda C. Malle05/27/2019
Pros: False Accussations of One Named William Thodos
Cons: Against Me
Comment: Havent personally met a person named William Thodos If you've got any evidence, file it any any court of law. Fool!