Houlka Appliance

Address110 E Calhoun St Bruce, MS, 38915
(662) 414-7044
Houlka Appliance, Refrigerators
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  • V Ellis
    Need a negative star to check. Every negative review online was true. The guy called me around 2pm saying he was supposed to call me to let me know if he was arriving in the AM or PM. This is now PM of the day he is arriving. Ok, so he got busy and forgot I guess, that was not a big deal because he was now on his way to my house. He wanted to know if someone would be there. I said someone would be there to meet him (I was not, but had made arrangements with my contractor) and I would call them to let them know he was arriving at 3:30 to 4:00 pm as he stated. At 3:06 pm I called his cell to check his arrival time and to see how far out he was, no answer. I then sent him a text. I called again, and again he would not answer his phone. After the latest time had passed when he said he would arrive, I called the main office. Their response was that he said I was supposed to call him back to verify someone would be at my house. That is untrue. He also then claimed he drove through our town but had already passed through before I called back. Really? He drove one and a half hours to not stop? Keep in mind our town is on the way to their office. My final call was 30 minutes before the earliest time he said he would arrive. I made the appointment several days ago and then I had second thoughts because I could not find a decent review anywhere for these folks. The ladies on the phone were very nice and accommodating, but that's is about it. It's clear to the guy was evading because he did not answer his phone before the time he was to get to my town to verify the time he would arrive. If in fact he was waiting for a call back, he would have answered. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS, call Cowboy Maloney in Oxford, Mississippi and ask for a referral for a service person.