Bottoms Up Dock, Piling, & Marine Restoration, LLC

Address108 Ironwood Cove Pass Christian, MS, 39571
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We specialize in bulkhead repair and reinforcement, along with piling repair and reinforcement by piling wraps.
Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sat: By Appointment
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Cash or Credit
Year established
Contractors & Construction, Marine Contractors, Docks
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Bottoms Up Dock, Piling, & Marine Restoration, LLC Reviews

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  • M. Biandolillo
    very poorly ran business, no communication, failure to complete project, delivery of inferior product
    ****She has changed this from Bottoms Up Dock, Piling, and Marine Restoration to simply Up. If I could leave 0 or negative stars I would. Bottoms Up Dock, Piling, and Marine Restoration out of Pass Christian MS, Judy Maxwell and David Henderson took $5500 dollars from me for a boat lift project, It was almost impossible to contact them after I gave them the money. The text message responses were always the same " Its on the way". 10 weeks later, , when they did finally respond to my email , the so called "owner" said I was harassing her. I contacted the BBB on them and still nothing. She just claimed more harassment. Contacting the BBB is not harassment in my book. One day out of the blue she dropped off an inferior lift to the one we agreed upon when I was not home. She claimed this is what was agreed upon. The lift I was supposed to get was a 7000lb aluminum lift with a stainless steel motor and 3 sets of aluminum bunks for a tritoon boat, instead she "dropped" off what looks like a used galvanized lift. The motor and gears are rusted. The lift she dropped off is a 4000lb galvanized lift and the cradle is only 9ft wide. My boat is 8'10" wide so there is no way it will work. she claimed the lift she left was top of the line and for me to quit contacting her. I contacted the lift manufacturer "American Power Hoist". He has no record of her or her fiance. ever buying a lift from them. the manufacturer put me in touch with his distributor for this part of the country. He says he only sold them 1 lift and that was in February of 2019 (before I had an agreement with them) but none since then. He feels they probable bought it off ebay ,amazon, or some local shop. The lift they left (according to distributor) retails for $1500 and that includes delivery. She claims its a $5500 lift and refuses discuss the matter. She has deleted her website, instagram, and facebook. Now I have to waste my time seeking legal action, but I am going to to the full extent of the law. I simply want my $5500 back and to call it a day. It is my opinion they have no clue what they are doing and if I lived on the MS Gulf Coast I would stay away from them if you have any marine needs