Western Motel

Address3501 Hardy St Hattiesburg, MS, 39402
(601) 264-0010
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Western Motel Reviews

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  • Asley
    A central location is the only thing this property has going for it
    Disrespectful, rude owner and staff, crumbling rooms, nothing works
    First, there's no WiFi in my room. When I went to complain after checking in I was abruptly told by the owner, "Full refund, YOU LEAVE!" I panicked because all my earthly belongings were in the room and my car was in the shop--I had no way to leave! So I just swallowed it. Later that evening I started to run water for a bath and there was no stopper for the bathtub. Also, the handle to the bathtub faucet was hopelessly broken to the point that only scalding hot water would come out. Half the lamps in the room were either broken or had no bulb. The next day I went back to try to negotiate over the lack of WiFi. I asked to be moved but was told that I could either take a refund and leave or wait until the next day when housekeeping was present to immediately clean the room I was asking to vacate. Basically, the whole stay has been one in which I've been treated rudely and one in which I've been told to "get over it or leave." The staff is as surly as the owner. Pass this place by if you want any sort of quality.