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Pros: Leading Manufaturer of Biotech life science Diagnostic Reagents
Comment: Your Minky Blankets products is mind-blowing.
Justin Miller10/03/2019
Comment: I highly recommend Vertical Real Estate LLC if you want to sell your home fast. They give you fair cash offer. Thank you Vertical Real Estate LLC, who were always there for me and always pleasant.
Pros: Quality Service by Techs
Cons: TERRIBLE Customer Service/Responsiveness
Comment: We had our Sprinter-based RV repaired at Warner Vans during a cross-country RV trip. The service department was very responsive and took us in almost immediately for the diagnosis and was able to complete the repair, replacement of our alternator promptly. That's the good news. On the service advisors recommendation, we purchased the faulty part in order for it to be shipped to the previous repair shop for a credit. He further agreed to arrange shipping for that week to the other location. The first issue is that the part was not shipped for nearly a month, which resulted in the other shop fully declining to consider the return for credit. The worst part of this story, however, is not just their failure to execute the shipment on a timely basis, but that it took many (read MANY) calls and faxes to get any type of response. And, in the end, they never responded to our last inquiry regarding the matter. This failure to respond was not only on the part of the service advisor but up to and including the General Manager. ADVICE: Beware of taking their word for anything that is not fully documented in writing.
Derrick Bell07/26/2019
Comment: Amazing Service. Every staff Very helpful, really you can go with Vertical Real Estate LLC for a deal.
guest user03/05/2019
Pros: does not exist
Cons: does not exist
Michael L. 02/05/2019
Pros: Super relaxing massage, great technique and always comfortable setting
Cons: I think I see Wendy - English is tricky and sometimes not always available. Suggested to call ahead to make an appointment
Comment: Fanastic Massage
Cons: Worst experience I've had with any insurance agent
Comment: If you spend time with them and don't purchase a policy, you can expect vicious emails in response.
Uber girl07/22/2018
Pros: Exceeds expectations
Cons: Nothing bad to say
Comment: I didn't think the new owners could surpass the service from prior owners. However, they have given the place a face lift, including a cleaner bathroom and pumps that always work. Also, they hire from the community-not just family. The new nanager, Jim is such a positive guy; he has a genuine energy that welcomes customers and is always keeping busy around the store. He genuinely likes his job and I think he has raised the bar for service.