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Derrick Bell07/26/2019
Comment: Amazing Service. Every staff Very helpful, really you can go with Vertical Real Estate LLC for a deal.
guest user03/05/2019
Pros: does not exist
Cons: does not exist
Michael L. 02/05/2019
Pros: Super relaxing massage, great technique and always comfortable setting
Cons: I think I see Wendy - English is tricky and sometimes not always available. Suggested to call ahead to make an appointment
Comment: Fanastic Massage
Cons: Worst experience I've had with any insurance agent
Comment: If you spend time with them and don't purchase a policy, you can expect vicious emails in response.
Uber girl07/22/2018
Pros: Exceeds expectations
Cons: Nothing bad to say
Comment: I didn't think the new owners could surpass the service from prior owners. However, they have given the place a face lift, including a cleaner bathroom and pumps that always work. Also, they hire from the community-not just family. The new nanager, Jim is such a positive guy; he has a genuine energy that welcomes customers and is always keeping busy around the store. He genuinely likes his job and I think he has raised the bar for service.
Pros: well qualified, friendly, clean, accurate prescriptions and well made glasses.
Pros: Fraud, lying 
Cons: Not licensed, not insured, 
Comment: Elias is the owner of the ALC management or ALC Snow removal & he doesn't have any legit websites he has few Facebook accounts that he shows to customers I'm not sure if those pictures are legit. I had really bad experience with this contractor. I should of checked the other customers reviews. I assigned a contract to do few things for the price he gave me but after he done the paperwork he would keep increasing the price and the job he did it's crappy. He should finish my work in 2 weeks now it's been 3 months he wont pick his phone up he took the money & disappeared middle of the job. I'm surprised how this guy is in business. Called him from another number & he said he's too busy i got upset & he lost his temper & said do what ever you want to do I'm not going to finish that work! seriously!!! this guy has a attitude. I have to pay another contractor to get the work finish. For your info I have found these 2 Facebook accounts. I hope this review will help to save your time & money ===============.https://www.facebook.com/pages/ALC-Snow-Removal-and-Landscaping/185388331441========= www.facebook.com/ALCManagement
Pros: N/A
Cons: Dishonest, Pushy, Uses Threatening Language, Untrustworthy
Comment: Raises his prices after the work has been performed. 
Pros: None
Cons: Very Unprofessional
Comment: I am very hesitant to give this company one star because the Guard Right Properties Manager has been nothing but unprofessional. We moved into a house that was vacant for over a month so laying the carpet and fixing the air conditioner would have been seen to ... NOOOO....we had to live with furniture all piled up until the carpet was done, over a week. The temperature was in the 90s and we sweltered for four days. Luckily I took pics when we moved in and when we moved out. I had to clean the filthy kitchen and air vents. We had a broken ice maker, a hole in the main bath, a broken panel in the bathroom and the dishwasher didn't wash. We fixed all but the hole in the bath and ice maker. We paid online religiously and all bills on time...but still incurred a late fee of $100 now and then. We spent so much time telling her to take it off. We paid a $2 convenience fee even though we paid straight from our bank account. We spent a large amount of time asking her to put our name on utility bills so we knew what amount to pay and when. One bill was never attended to. Now that we have left it's been nearly two months since we left and we still don't have our security deposit. Just last week we were told that we still owe a garbage bill and that she deducted it from the check. All payments were paid on the online Portal and nothing was owing. Cindy only told us we owe over 40 days after we left. We wanted to check the Portal but she had already locked us out. This check is apparently on its way to us from Alabama!!!! It's been four working days and it's still not here! When we walked through the inspection Cindy ran her finger over every surface including the base board! That house was cleaner than when we moved in. Cindy ignored emails answered with incoherent language promising to fix things, but never got around to it. Don't rent from this Rental Property Management called Guard Right Properties or you will be very sorry. UPDATE: The reply from Cindy - Guard Right Property Management is incorrect and misleading. This company has not followed the law, so be warned and research other reviews before signing any contract with this company.
Pros: Really nice and understanding. Also speedy quick response!
Cons: No con's!!
Comment: I was stranded in a bad area at 3am. I called them and they we're there within 20 minutes!