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Kelvin Evans06/17/2019
Comment: Well maintained rental properties.
Big Daddy From Jefferson Texas06/07/2019
Pros: None
Cons: Too many to count....
Comment: My name is Danny Bush. I'm the owner of Bush Electrical Services. I'm a lazy, dishonest, worthless, fake, fraud, meth addicted scumbag. I pretend to be a master electrician with many years of experience in electrical wiring. I reality I don't know a fuckin thang about electrical stuff...lol. I scam people by asking for money up front to do a job, usually 50% down, then I disappear with their money and never show up again- lol. After I get their money I ignore their phone calls and threats and usually wind up blocking them. I move around a lot because the police and attorneys are always looking for me and because I owe a lot of money from people that I've scammed, not to mention dope dealers that are looking for me as well...lol I don't own anything of value, in case you try to sue me...lol. So there you have it. I'm that piece of shit that will rip you off if you're stupid enough to hire me...lol. HAVE A NICE DAY ASSHOLES!!! :)
Edythe Collins05/25/2019
Comment: I recommend Centex Technologies for their customized SEO services.
Matthew Porter05/22/2019
Comment: Great place to find an insurance policy for your automobiles.
kim Jenkins05/22/2019
Comment: Good senior care facility in Belton!
Lilly Willams05/17/2019
Pros: Helpful Staff & Professional Services
Cons: None
Comment: They guys are superb because the staff of this clinic are very humble & helpful.
Angry Renter04/24/2019
Pros: None
Cons: Everything
Comment: Do you want a nice, well maintained, quiet place to relax after a hard days work? If so run away as fast as you can. If you're a crack dealer looking for a new retail space, this is the perfect place. A new management company took over and absorbed this small complex into the larger Del Mar Apts next door. In 7 months they literally haven't answered a single repair request. There is black mold in the chilled water AC system that they refuse to acknowledge and the city won't do anything about it. The buildings are 50+ years old and in poor shape, but they are renting them out at ridiculous prices. They advertise as all bills paid then they tack on monthly fees for water, dumpster, and pest control. The square footage is exaggerated. It's under 800 sqft for a 2 bedroom, under 400 sqft for a 1 bedroom. No background checks or credit checks to move in, so as you can imagine the neighbors are a nightmare. The neighborhood itself is terrible. It's EXTREMELY NOISY! Gunshots all the time and the occasional stray bullet hits the buildings or comes through a window. Drug deals in the parking lot right outside my bedroom window every day. Meth heads, crack heads, and hookers walk through the parking lot all day and night. The school kids that get dropped off on the side street run around in the parking lot screaming and fighting. Earlier this year the dumpster was set on fire 3 times in 3 weeks at about the time the kids get dropped off. The cops don't seem to care about the high crime rate, but thank goodness the fire department shows up quickly!
Pros: Great content on the latest news about kitchen and bath remodeling, design, and renovation. They feature the leading kitchen remodeling companies in the nation!
Cons: Nothing!
Pros: Good work, excellent patient rapport
Cons: He doesn't keep sugar free chocolate in the snack bowl.
Comment: I have been a patient of Dr. Yeary for over 30 years during which time we built an excellent professional trusting relationship. Something you as a patient can seldom do today with physicians. When I first met Dr. Yeary, I had been with another dentist for two years. My first dentist absolutely refused to "hear" when I told him I was in excruciating pain. I couldn't even close my mouth. All I could do was drool because of the piercing pain. As some of you can imagine I was very distraught. I got a referral to Dr. Yeary from a friend and got an appointment that very afternoon. After 4 taps (2 on each tooth) he said I'll see you tomorrow morning and told me I was in serious need of 2 root canals, and he wasn't kidding either. He gave me a script for the pain to carry me overnight, and the next day I had my root canals. Dr. Yeary has ALWAYS been there for me. He's even come into the office on 3 day weekends to fix a broken tooth or loose crown. He and his staff are just outrageously fantastic! Dr. Yeary is not only a fine dentist, but a good man. He Listens. He explains everything that's going on and why certain procedures needed to be done. He doesn't push procedures on you if you don't need them, but he will give you as many alternative solutions he can, to address your dental needs. No matter if my demeanor was really cruddy during an office visit; I always left his office feeling much better, both physically and mentally because of him and his staff. Believe it or not, I actually looked forward to my appts. with him, even though I knew I would be hurting later. If you need dental work please go see this man. You will not regret it.
Agnes Francis03/29/2019
Pros: Making better decisions with business intelligence
Cons: nothing
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