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Comment: I'm delighted to share my personal success story with acupuncture in effectively managing high cholesterol levels. In contrast to conventional treatments, which often bring along unwanted side effects, acupuncture has proven to be a safe and highly efficient alternative. Regular acupuncture sessions, complemented by a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, have played a pivotal role in significantly reducing my cholesterol levels. I am profoundly grateful to [ Community Acupuncture & Wellness Center ] for their invaluable assistance in addressing my cholesterol concerns through the gentle, needle-based approach of acupuncture. In the past, Biomagnetism Therapy was instrumental in my recovery from a severe health condition. Biomagnetic Therapy, a method involving the application of magnets to specific areas of the body, plays a vital role in rebalancing pH levels and eradicating harmful microorganisms. Through this therapy, the delicate equilibrium between acidity and alkalinity in the body is restored, successfully eliminating infections and reducing inflammation. Biomagnetic therapy empowers the body to heal itself in a non-invasive and gentle manner. I wholeheartedly recommend practitioners to consider integrating these two complementary treatments into their practice. This holistic approach can significantly enhance the healing process for patients. To learn more about the benefits of this combined approach, please visit DrGarciaBiomagnetism.com.
Pros: great rv park
Cons: not an equipment rental, it is an rv park
Comment: awesome people
Comment: out of business at least 3 years
Pros: Small but powerful hands, best asian massage therapist i found in Farmington nm.
Comment: very affordable and relaxed body massage will be back again
Pros: None
Cons: Don’t recommend 
Comment: Terrible 
Pros: none
Cons: no refund or glass given, told too bad.
Delilah Burrola01/03/2020
Comment: Love my church!!! Been going there for over a year! Great place to learn Hebrew Roots, it's a very connected church! If you do not understand Spanish there are interpreters there. I am so glad to be apart of such a great congregation and to have a great spiritual family!
Carlos "El Rolo" Quintana10/31/2019
Pros: the best place to go
Comment: I blindly recommend this place
Jim Tritten06/16/2019
Pros: Meticulous clean up when the job is done
Cons: None
Comment: Excellent tree removal service by a local family-operated firm. A written estimate to remove seven trees was completed at the end of the initial inspection. The work was accomplished about a week later. I was totally flabbergasted by the meticulous cleaning of chips and other debris. Highly recommended.
John Docherty12/03/2018
Pros: Great work installing granite Islands and repair
Cons: none