Community Acupuncture & Wellness Center

(505) 583-2908
Address 34869 US Highway 285 Ojo Caliente, NM, 87549
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  • 10/14/2023
    I'm delighted to share my personal success story with acupuncture in effectively managing high cholesterol levels. In contrast to conventional treatments, which often bring along unwanted side effects, acupuncture has proven to be a safe and highly efficient alternative. Regular acupuncture sessions, complemented by a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, have played a pivotal role in significantly reducing my cholesterol levels. I am profoundly grateful to [ Community Acupuncture & Wellness Center ] for their invaluable assistance in addressing my cholesterol concerns through the gentle, needle-based approach of acupuncture. In the past, Biomagnetism Therapy was instrumental in my recovery from a severe health condition. Biomagnetic Therapy, a method involving the application of magnets to specific areas of the body, plays a vital role in rebalancing pH levels and eradicating harmful microorganisms. Through this therapy, the delicate equilibrium between acidity and alkalinity in the body is restored, successfully eliminating infections and reducing inflammation. Biomagnetic therapy empowers the body to heal itself in a non-invasive and gentle manner. I wholeheartedly recommend practitioners to consider integrating these two complementary treatments into their practice. This holistic approach can significantly enhance the healing process for patients. To learn more about the benefits of this combined approach, please visit