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Pros: Amazing quality and prices!....only place I will go to!
Cons: none
Kokomo Indiana01/09/2019
Cons: This ‘fake’ company only practices one thing: destroying people and families. They should be exposed to the world for massive destruction of lives and souls. I was forced to select a rating to post comments. If there was a negative scale I would have selected the highest value. 
Matt 12/30/2018
Pros: Great management team to work for that cares for its employees.
Cons: None
Mrs. Dunham12/18/2018
Comment: Would you delete this from your files? Mr. Dunham is 82 years of age and does not need any advertising. Thank you.
Marketing Manager12/17/2018
Comment: Offers superior residentialand commercial roofing and roof repairs in Sterling Heights and Clinton Twp, MI. Fixed right or it's free - guaranteed!
Micaela Hyde11/02/2018
Pros: None
Cons: They do not pay employees
Comment: Bob has a very quick temper and is unwilling to help. Laura is unprofessional in the sense of not replying to texts of issues that need to be resolved. Definitely not a modern kennel. Unsure how they pass any inspections. Glad everyone on the outside can recommend them! But definitely would not be taking my dogs here.
Marketing Manager07/11/2018
Comment: Ensure that your boat is well-cared for at this marina near Lake Erie. It offers rack'n launch, wet slips, transient mooring, winter storage, and specialized repair services for large and small vessels.
Pros: Bullshit
Comment: I received a call from this number today and never answered. When I call back 4 or 5 times today, it says "mail box is full". I have no idea what they want and wonder if it's spam ? I'm an atheist and for a damn good reason. Perhaps God just bought me a new Dodge Demon and left the car keys with them and now they are trying to get me on the phone? NOT
Comment: This is a dishonest business. Paid a $1,000 retainer up front for work to be done over the winter. Was not done over the winter, nor the spring, and minimal work in the summer. Owner hung up on us repeatedly when we called to ask that the work be finished. Then sent us a bill claiming to have done work which had never been done. Only returned $42 from the original deposit. A complete rip-off. Beware.