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Pros: None
Cons: Cockroaches, dust, no GFI outlet by the sink, blight in back yard, large nails sticking out at random places on the walls and in doorways at eye level, and complete rudeness of the owner.
Pros: None
Cons: Evil
Comment: Thief vandal liar
Cons: Most Employees don’t wear masks.
Comment: Delicious food, quick ordering, and friendly service. This place has some great BBQ. The owner is friendly and engaging. It was a pleasure getting dinner here. The catering service is done professionally, and I will suggest it to everyone.
Pros: Location
Cons: Unfriendly to potential new clients from IN (out of state)
Comment: Correction to first review: *Sorry for the bother, Owner. Good luck with your business
Pros: Location
Cons: Owner not so friendly
Comment: Looking for a boat propeller for an older boat, so stopped to query if owner happened to have one for sale. Offered our info; didn't want it. Sorry to have stopped by; guess it was inappropriate. Drove down gravel road to look at harbor that Condo/Villa complex accesses; was asked to leave the private property. Wasn't aware it was private. Said sorry and backed out of gravel driveway. Sport for the bother, Owner, good luck with your business.
Pros: None
Cons: Changed her price did a terrible job on my dog, just terrible and upped her price.  I had my dog sitter take him and pick him up.  She never called me to tell me the  price was going to be $15 more.  I do not recommend this place at all.  Not a professional grooming what so ever.  I am just sick about it.  This place has cost me so much loss.. I cannot take my dog to any of my leads I have to stud him out because he looks so terrible.  I will report her to the Better Business Bureau and also seeking legal council. 
Pros: repair replace and installation at a place.
Cons: They not supply door. Only repair .
Comment: Garage door repair sterling heights mi has very good responsibility and hardworking.
Cons: will quote a job they do not want to do
Comment: after receiving a quote from Nelson's i was told removing the wall was dirty work and they have new construction to do that is cleaner easier work that they would prefer to do so i should see if i can find another contractor
Pros: Used to be a wonderful place to live
Cons: New manager has turned gunthers into crack house gunfire and heroine overdoses and meth factory He has filled it with family and friends gunfire all night now during the day.cops here daily