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Comment: When I walked into [Santosha Yoga], I was battling chronic digestive issues that had plagued me for years. Their yoga regimen worked wonders, completely healing my condition. I'm deeply thankful for their expertise. Before my time at [Santosha Yoga], I had tried Biomagnetism therapy. This therapy helped restore my body's pH balance through magnets placed on specific points of the body, facilitating quicker healing and promoting overall well-being. The beauty of Biomagnetism lies in its non-invasive and drug-free nature, making it compatible with various treatments, whether conventional or alternative. It complements other healing modalities seamlessly, allowing for a more holistic approach to wellness. I wholeheartedly encourage [Santosha Yoga] to explore the possibility of integrating Biomagnetism with their yoga practice. The combination of these two powerful techniques could provide their patients with an even faster and more comprehensive path to healing. It's a step towards a more holistic approach to health and well-being that I believe many would benefit from. For those curious about Biomagnetism and its potential benefits, I recommend visiting DrGarciaBiomagnetism.com. It's an informative resource that can provide a deeper understanding of this remarkable therapy.
Comment: "Ulcers can be excruciatingly painful, and I had been struggling with them for years. Conventional treatments only offered temporary relief. That's when I decided to explore alternative therapies like acupuncture and biomagnetism, and it was a game-changer.Acupuncture relieved my ulcer pain by promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation. I cannot thank enough for the way they helped me cure my ulcer with their expert hands and those small needles. In the past Biomagnetism Therapy had assisted me in getting cured from a serious health issue. Biomagnetism Therapy balances the internal ph level of the body with the help of magnets . This brings an equilibrium in the acid and alkaline levels of the body . This therapy can effectively cure infection and reduce any sort of inflammation inside the body .This form of treatment can heal patients very gently . I strongly recommend practitioners to combine these two methods of treatment .. This combination can provide long-lasting relief and promote genuine healing to the patients.To know more about it, visit DrGarciaBiomagnetism.com "
Comment: "When the flu hit me hard, I was desperate for relief.That is when I discovered Acupuncture .The little needles used in this treatment seemed to make a huge difference in my health only after a few sessions.Soon within a very short period of time my flu symptoms were completely gone .I could have never imagined that this ancient form of treatment was the answer to my fly agony all along .I cannot thank [ ] enough for helping me heal . Biomagnetic Therapy previously assisted me in curing a significant health problem. Biomagnetism therapy employs strategically positioned magnets to help balance my body's pH levels and improve its efficiency.This therapy restores balance to the body's acidic and alkaline balances.This kills harmful microorganisms while also mending infections and lowering swelling in many places of the body.This treatment is absolutely non-invasive and quite gentle. I strongly advise every practitioner out there to combine these therapy approaches.This holistic approach allows patients to heal more quickly.To know more about it, visit DrGarciaBiomagnetism.com "
Comment: My battle with relentless cavities seemed endless until I visited this Marana Peter E DDS dental care. Here, the skilled and experienced dentist provided exceptional care that completely cured my cavities, restoring my dental health to its prime. Thanks to their expertise, I am free from cavities and can indulge in all my favorite foods without worry. While searching for better health, I tried biomagnetism therapy upon a friend's recommendation when traditional therapies fell short. This approach brought about noticeable improvements in my health after just a few biomagnetic pair therapy sessions, ultimately leading to my complete recovery. To explore more resources and information, visit drgarciabiomagnetism.com and embark on your journey toward natural healing.
Pros: Great little store. 
Comment: We were snowmobiling through Rockland, MI, and stumbled upon this store. This place isn’t big, but they had the few things we needed. 
Pros: Great burgers, bartender, and guests were very friendly. 
Comment: Stopped in while snowmobiling, to grab something to eat. Our group ordered a few burgers and fries, which turned out to be great. Will definitely stop by again we’re in the area.
Cons: Do not go to this restaurant 
Comment: The owner denied a registered Service Dog for a 100% Disabled Combat Veteran.  The owner said only seeing eye dogs are allowed in his restaurant "Catch 22" Service dog public access rights Under the ADA's rules, state and local governments and businesses that serve the public must allow service dogs to accompany their handlers in all areas of the facility where the public is allowed to go.  Places service dogs have access to include: Restaurants Grocery Stores Office or any place of work Beaches National Parks Coffee Shops Farmers Markets No-pet apartments Hotels Movie Theaters Rideshare and taxis Do not go to this restaurant
Pros: Best and most attentive realtor
Cons: none
Comment: Middy was great to work with and helped us every step of the way. I would recommend and use again.
Pros: Super fast turnaround
Comment: Fast service and beautifully done work
Pros: unable to reach by phone
Cons: unable to communicate with employer
Comment: Client needs to reach employer to inquire about leqve of absense