Health Awareness Center

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Address 580 N Division Rd Petoskey, MI, 49770
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  • 10/10/2023
    "When the flu hit me hard, I was desperate for relief.That is when I discovered Acupuncture .The little needles used in this treatment seemed to make a huge difference in my health only after a few sessions.Soon within a very short period of time my flu symptoms were completely gone .I could have never imagined that this ancient form of treatment was the answer to my fly agony all along .I cannot thank [ ] enough for helping me heal . Biomagnetic Therapy previously assisted me in curing a significant health problem. Biomagnetism therapy employs strategically positioned magnets to help balance my body's pH levels and improve its efficiency.This therapy restores balance to the body's acidic and alkaline balances.This kills harmful microorganisms while also mending infections and lowering swelling in many places of the body.This treatment is absolutely non-invasive and quite gentle. I strongly advise every practitioner out there to combine these therapy approaches.This holistic approach allows patients to heal more quickly.To know more about it, visit "