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Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Comment: Mr. Smith is the person to call for all your burial needs. He handle your love one with the up most respect. Mr. Smith does beautiful work on your love ones. My family will use him again.
Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Pros: Clean and professional staff
Comment: Scotland Manor is a clean and safe place to live and have rehab. The staff is always professional and treat residents and guest with respect.
Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Pros: fast and friendly service
Comment: Good person to call on in your time of need.
Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Pros: good home cooking, in the heart of town
Comment: Good Food and affordable prices
Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Pros: Family oriented, easy to find, large building,
Comment: I've been a member of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church for several years and I truly love my home church. All are welcome.
Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Pros: Friendly Church
Comment: Mary's Chapel Baptist Church is a church I truly enjoy visiting. Pastor Turner White is all about doing God's work and spreading the gospel.
Tracy Lassiter Williams02/05/2017
Pros: Friendly service, great staff to help you with your burial needs
Comment: My family and friends has had the opportunity to call on Mr. Smith and his wonderful staff for burial needs and they serve you with diginity and respect.
Carolyn E. Smith02/05/2017
Pros: John, Mary's Chapel supports you and believe in you. We pray for peace and prosperity as you build your family business to leave a legacy of love.
Carolyn E. Smith02/05/2017
Pros: Mary's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church is family oriented reaching out to all in love and service as taught by Pastor T. White, officers and members.
Comment: We are on the rise, shining bright, and believing that God is love; so, our arms are opened wide. Please come in and worship, then go out with us to serve.
R. Ham01/18/2017
Pros: Beautiful lakefront location, good pricing, very pleasant staff.
Cons: Wish I had brought my kayak.
Comment: Very enjoyable event.