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Waleed Najeeb10/15/2018
Comment: We are the exporter of Garments, Hoddies, Suits and Boxing. We will provide you better quality and competitive rates. Feel free to contact us. ph: +92300025700 you can whatsapp us on this number
Busy Man. 05/18/2018
Pros: Great kind staff with high skilled mechanic in the shop attached to the store.
Cons: Does not offer gas.
Comment: Would recommend stopping in to pick up some items.
Andy Grian04/07/2018
Comment: Their doors and windows look perfect in my newly remodeled home. It was my interior designer who suggested me these products and I really love their design and quality.
lisa Roy03/09/2018
Comment: They offer unique windows and doors. The quality is also as per the expectation. Highly recommended!!
Dent Repair01/15/2018
Pros: Paintless Dent Repair, Paint Scratch Removal, Dent Removal Service, Hail Damage Repair, Dent Repair
Comment: A good Automobile Body Shop
Kenya s11/20/2017
Pros: Cheap prices
Cons: The washers don't work and the dryer don't dry I spent 7 dollars on a 10 cent dryer and it took 4 hours "dry" my clothes and I still walked out with damp clothes. There is no staff so we had no help putting money on the card (broke to) and no help with they broke washer/dryers they don't even have a number to contact manager if u need one Smh the place is pretty bad.
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Rude staff. No one tells you anything about your membership that you pay for,
Comment: Was treated horribly by several different staff members. No one wanted me to report the way the customers were treated so they refused to give out any corporate or franchise information. Made finding out about my contract and cancellation information impossible to obtain so they keep getting your money. They do not care about the customer, at all.
Hilton Parsce 09/23/2017
Pros: Professional, efficient, come on time, cheap price, fast problem detection, solving and fixing, and reliable! BEST in Greenville, NC!!
Comment: BEST Heating and Air Conditioning company in Greenville, NC. Very Reliable, efficient, professional and fast with a very competitive pricing and good work!
Roberto Emanuel08/06/2017
Pros: Amazing service
Comment: Love the vehicle
Sharon M.06/18/2017
Pros: Great price, great new service! Cleaned my trash and recycling bin in seconds, Beautiful new business.
Cons: wish they would bring inside gate, but infront of garage door is great
Comment: Everyone needs this service. Unbelievable!