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Comment: Horrible Review for the Hanor Co-Wisconsin LLC, Battleboro, NC 1-9-2017 This company is horrible they hire anybody, including people with nasty attitudes and illegal immigrants to do their filthy work! One of their employee’s stole my social security number and used it to gain employment and because of that I am having serious issues and have been spending a lot of time trying to get this issue resolved! Now, if that is not bad enough I called their HR person Shannon Jordan to talk to her about the issue. This heifer had the rudest nastiest attitude for no good reason. Before I spoke to her I called and left a message asking for her to please call me back and she never did and lied about it! I will make sure that the people above her know what kind of people they are hiring in North Carolina. I would not recommend anybody do business with this company!
Comment: http://www.hurricanefleet.com
Mary Jo11/28/2016
Cons: No answer.... tried calling 10 times !!!! :(  
Comment: Guess they no longer exist ..... needs to be removed as a choice for live Christmas trees 
tonya renae cross i am the owner of said11/16/2016
Comment: It is being illegally ran and operated i have not received any thing sence i beat there trumped up trespassing charges they legally charged me with i have not seen not one penny or any of my belongings
Alise Hodges10/04/2016
Pros: -
Cons: Poor Management and Customer Service
Comment: While doing a routine cleaning and washing of my car I was repeatedly harassed by the Manager on duty at the car wash. I have 3 small children and have a need to clean the juice boxes and snacks out of my car. On this particular day my little ones had dropped fruit loops and cornflakes in their seats so I took the seats out to vacuum and clean the mess up. This location was the closest one to me at the time. As I was cleaning and getting paper from the car and trunk the manager harassed me and accused me of dumping "Home Trash" in the trash can and proceeded to scold and lecture me on how He doesn't come to my house dumping his trash. I live in another county and would not drive 40 mins to come there to dump my trash. He accused me of dumping a box of diapers and clothes in the trash. I told him those are brand new diapers that I had just bought and he could check the trash there was nothing in there of that nature. I even told him that I would take the whole bag out and take it with me to dump at my house. But he still repeatably harassed and stood over me as I was still trying to clean out my car. Mind you I had spent my money already there to wash my car and vacuum my seats. I felt very threatened by him so much so that I left and went to the police station to file a complaint against him. There were no signs that indicated how much trash could be dumped or what kind of trash could be dumped. Surely I am not the only one who has had to clean up after their children and was thankful they were not with me. I would never recommend this place to anyone. The way he treated me was uncalled for and unexceptionable. After all I am the customer and spent my money...what is a car wash for if you get harassed using it!
Pros: Can do dood work
Cons: Will bill for 6 workers and use 1(who didn't get paid, attic insulation under bldg, old interior paint on deck, 
Comment: A real rip off artist. BEWARE
Renee Smith 08/01/2016
Pros: None
Cons: Very Rude
Comment: Whomever answered the phone was very rude, he told me if I send him $500 to go to court he would be glad to do so and slammed the phone in my ear. I thought I had the wrong number because the man didn't sound professional at all.
Noah Hopkins07/12/2016
Comment: this Wendy's on 4805 W Market St doesn't have a urinal anymore I want it to have a urinal now I am tired of this bathroom being the same thing it's getting old and boring I am sick and tired of this no urinal I want it installed right this instant because my brain is about to explode because it keeps giving me nightmares I can't deal it anymore I cannot stand this bathroom anymore it disappoints me a lot every time it upsets I do not want that bathroom staying like that anymore because it's giving me a headache and this is annoying and I had enough of this bathroom not having a urinal I requested to have one
Comment: You can visit their website online at http://www.brunswicklandrealty.com
Jerry Moore02/14/2016
Pros: Always available to meet your needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.