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11711 Braesview Apartment 3010
San Antonio, TX 78213

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1Giant Uses The Google Maps 3 Pack To Provide Local Businesses With Qualified Local Leads On Autopilot

Getting great leads for your business can seem overwhelming at times. Business owners in San Antonio are bombarded with offers for "great leads from Facebook", great leads from landing pages, great leads from everywhere. But, most leads from third parties that are brought in by paid aids, are often not great quality leads. Often, those leads are gotten by offering a discount or free services, leading to one time customers at best. This type of lead isn't quality, and could be compared to a lead from Groupon. Usually its a customer just looking for a one time deal and not a long term, repeat customer, who could become a lifelong client of your business. Now, the best leads that a local business in San Antonio can get come from Google. Specifically from Google's local listings, called the Google 3 Pack. The 3 Pack is a search engine results page that appears to customers searching for local services and products. Google decides to show the 3 Pack when the search is considered to "have local intent", and for example will contain words such as "near me" or "closest" pizza or painter. This type of search makes up nearly 50-60% of all searches online. This amount is going up each year as Google focuses on local business listings, like their core update in April of this year called "Mobilegeddon". You'll notice the word "mobile" is in the weird name of the update right? This update was focused on mobile versions of websites, and the change was Google is now indexing the mobile version of a website, not the desktop version of your website. So, please make sure your website designer converts your website design so that it is mobile friendly and loads quickly. Google is now more focused on the mobile version of your site because of the massive increase and use of mobile devices, specifically cell phone usage has taken over and searches on cell phones now make up 75 out of every 100 online searches. This number will increase year over year too! So, what does all of this mean? Well, when a customer performs a search on their mobile device, and its has "local intent"(50-60% of all searches), they will be shown a 3 Pack result. The customer will see on their phone screen, a map at the top of the screen and just below the map, a list of three of the top, most relevant, local businesses. On each of the 3 business listings in the 3 Pack, there will be the name of the business, their overall review rating, represented by a number 1-5 and some yellow stars. Also on each business listing is the hours the business is open, the city and state, and the best thing on the listings is the "click to call " button represented by a phone icon. This will instantly call the business, directly from the 3 Pack. Studies have shown that the fewer actions taken to get information and a result, the higher the amount of times that action is taken. So, the chances of the customer selecting the click to call button are very high. The leads that a business gets from the 3 Pack are the best that can be gotten because the customer is directly searching for a solution to their need or problem. They were interrupted while looking at cat videos or swiping right. They made the decision that they need a product or service right now and have already taken action on their own accord to find it. Best leads you can get. So, it would be a huge benefit to be one of the businesses listed in the 3 Pack, with the increase in cell phone usage and the search engine results pushing more customers every day towards the local listings on Google. The next step is to find a local marketing agency that provides 3 Pack rankings. There are several companies that provide tons of digital marketing services, but 1Giant is only focused on getting our clients more phone calls and in-store visits through the use of the 3 Pack of Google. We have focused all of our services around the Google 3 Pack. We provide website optimization to make sure that when customers are looking for a service or product your business carries or provides, that your website proves to Google that your business is the most relevant for that search, and so your listing gets shown in the search engine results. We also provide Reputation management, which involves the collection, protection, and promotion of your businesses reviews. We make sure your customers are offered an easy way to leave their reviews, immediately after your have serviced them. This allows for excellent customer service, in that they can complain if they were disappointed with their experience, giving us a bad review on our own platform, not Google. We then alert the business owner, who then can contact the unhappy customer and fix the problem. Most customers will then, change their bad review to a better review, and then we will submit it to Google. This keeps your star rating as high as possible, further moving your business up in the local rankings on Google's 3 Pack and in the organic listings under the local search engine results. So, if you are interested in finding out more about getting the best leads possible for your business, give 1Giant, your local internet marketing service, a call.
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