I put my private email down in the "public email" box by mistake. How Can I correct it?

if you specified your private email down in the "public email" box, you could easily correct it. For this purpose, it is necessary to you to open page with your business and pass on one of two references: improve business info or false or inaccurate data?. If you will decide on a second one, in an appearing window you must choose: I am the owner (official representative), and I want to improve my business info.

Thus, in both cases, you will get on the page of editing. In the third step all you need to do it’s erase your private e-mail from the field public email and to send a request for changing data.

At our website all public emails encode out of searching bot by javascript it’s further help in protection our clients out of spam.

Before you will update information, we recommend becoming you familiar with How to update information?