How to join?


You will be taken to the page of registration. You will need to fill in the following.

The first step will ask for your:

  1. Business name
  2. Address Line 1: street address, P.O. box, c/o, apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.
  3. Address Line 2: city, state / province / region.
    Enter the city in full, and the state abbreviation like “New York, NY”
    Take advantage of the pop-up prompt while entering the information.
  4. Your ZIP/Postal code

In the second step, you’ll see a map.

Your location is going to be automatically determined using the previously inserted address. Sometimes the system locates coordinates incorrectly. If this happens, please move the marker to the right position. Then clients will find you without problems.

In the third step, it’s offered to you to fill your contact information.

Necessarily write your phone number, in format, for example, (123) 456-6789. If you want, you can add several phone numbers and fax. Click on + additional phone or + fax.

You also can add your Public Email (it is going to be displayed on the page of your business). At our website all public emails encode out of searching bot by javascript it’s further help in protection our clients out of spam.

Note your Website and social Medias (if it’s few links use + link).

In the last step, you can note detailed information about your business.

Fill Business Info for it, note business hours, payment types, year established of business (or how many years you’re at this business).

Necessarily fill business category. It’s better to note few ones for easier finding your business. We recommend note no less than 3 categories.
For adding a new category use + category.

We also recommend noting your private email, link to your business and reference for editing of data will be sending to it.
I want to receive a confirmation email.

Also, we’ll be glad if you’ll leave your comment or review about us.
Notes for the US-Business team

After filling in all data push the “Join” button.

Your request for a listing will be sent to the administration of our website and considered as soon as possible. All requests pass through human moderation.