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Pros: usman
Cons: website
Comment: hi. i am usman ....i make a beautiful website for your yoga company after this your company fastly grow ..price of website very low ...plz contact on gmail. usmanrao542@gmail.com
Pros: N/A
Cons: Hasn't been in business for over 5 years!
Comment: RIP
Max McCray06/01/2017
Pros: Good food and good people
Cons: They dont put ice melt down good enough in the winter
Comment: I go 2 times a week to pick up lunch for my senior client. The lunch is hot and lots of food for the $6 price. The people are super nice. They have card games and bingo. They share the new legion building on the edge of town. They are no longer located at 2nd and main. Last winter i slipped on ice in the parking lot and skinned my knee. More ice melt is always better...
Ty Oleson12/01/2016
Pros: Great and friendly service
Cons: none
Comment: Friendly and very helpful with vehicle problems. Willing to pick up your vehicle.
Pros: None
Cons: Worst costumer service
Comment: Pharmacies hate to own up to their mistakes because they will have to mark it down as pharmacy error. The pharmacist is damn lucky I didn't get or care for her name because she'd be fired. Worst and most disgusting costumer service. Hired a bunch of idiots.