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Rob R04/17/2019
Pros: Roger & his crew are the best. Highly recommended
Debrah J. Taylor Greene03/01/2019
Comment: Heirs Property Outright Taken and Sold for Legal Professionals' Self-Profit. --------------------------- NO PUNISHMENT OR JAIL TIME FOR LYING, TORMENTING AND STEALING SOUTH CAROLINA ATTORNEYS. WHY NOT? -------------------------- My family had 110 acres of farmland in Saluda, SC which they had proudly and happily owned since 1917. Then, in 2003, a Saluda, SC lawyer along with one of his friends decided to execute a most devious plot to take our family's property from us for little or nothing. Between 2003-2008, this lawyer along with his friend lied, cheated, filed false court documents, and also publicly harassed and embarrassed my family. When this lawyer decided to retire from practice and his friend got sick (and soon thereafter died), Attorney Henrietta Gill, serving as the GAL, (along with the Special Referee and another attorney who had affiliation with the Saluda, SC lawyer) got heavily involved in carrying out this most devious plot with their continuation of even more lies, misuse of court procedures, falsifying of court documents, and degradation of my family. In December 2013, this trio (the Special Referee, the lawyer, and Gill [the GAL]) decided to just finally outright take my family's property. Without my family's knowledge, they sold our property on March 28, 2014. Then, in April 2014, they worked together to distribute only a small fraction of the proceeds from this sale to only SOME of my family members (knowingly, they intentionally omitted distributing any funds to some of my family's rightful heirs). For their own self-profit, Gill, along with these other legal professionals, then kept the majority of the money from their outright taking and then selling of my family's heirs property. ---------------------- The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
Comment: any type of work anywhere
larry 01/19/2019
Pros: Cheap
Cons: Terrible service to the point of destroying my item; unprofessional; awful customer service
Comment: If minus stars were available, I'd have selected those. Highly recommend AVOIDING this business at all costs. Definitely wouldn't take anything nice to them. They totally ruined a brand new comforter that was beautiful, and a bit on the expensive side. I can't even imagine what they did, but I suspect they did not follow the cleaning instructions as it even sort of fried the tag with the washing instructions on it. This comforter was in a guest room and had never been cleaned. They totally ruined it. If this weren't bad enough, the owner insisted on trying to keep me on the phone to argue, just being totally unprofessional and nasty. He refused to make it right, and wouldn't even refund the cost of the cleaning that I might add, they charged me $33.88 for what was supposed to be washed in cold water. The first time I went in, it came back out smelling like it had been washed in a dog bed, and the batting inside was all messed up. I wasn't even sure it was the same comforter! When the owner FINALLY called me back, which I had to call a few times to reach him, he does not practice good customer service, actually wants to argue with you, but more importantly, refuses to make it right. Then had the nerve to try to insinuate that possibly the comforter that I "thought" was dropped off was in my home. So silly. What they give you back is not nearly the same article that you gave them. Looking over reviews on the myriad of sites, seems this might be the normal course of business and the owner's overall unacceptance customer service and attitude. Will never step foot in there again!
Julie Ann09/25/2018
Comment: Very deceiving. They have their gas prices lower so you will stop in. You are supposed to be charged the posted price if using cash. I went in and paid cash. They never give you a receipt. I noticed when I got out to pump my gas I was being charged the higher price. I pumped it added it up on my calculator on my phone and I was charged the debit price. I went in and asked the guy working there and he said "accidentally" pushed check and gave me some change back and refused to give me my receipt. I am sure he "accidentally" pushes check more than once. Will never use them again and want to make other people aware of their scams.
K LeBarron05/30/2018
Pros: Absolutely fantastic EGGS! Fresh and delicious. Great company!
Cons: None
Comment: We are thrilled with our purchases! Thank you for your attention to detail and high quality products.
Kathi Luther05/27/2018
Pros: The eggs are great
Cons: The cartons should be paper
Comment: I would like to request that you sell your eggs in paper cartons and not in styrofoam since styrofoam is no longer recyclable in Hartsville, SC and probably other places as well. Please consider the change so that our land fills will not be filled with them! It’s just the “right thing to do.” If a change is not made, I will have to buy my eggs elsewhere. Thank you for taking my proposal seriously.
Pros: Nice area, very spacious and fairly new.
Cons: Very poor management at the Pier. They never have any of the paperwork right and refuse to help you fix anything. Also very expensive.
Comment: Wouldn't recommend to anyone.