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Pros: Moved to 900 Industrial Way Sparks, Nevada 89431 775-331-4774
Cons: Welding Supplies
Comment: Lincoln Electric, Miller Blue, Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, ESAB, Victor & Welding Gases
Pros: five stars
Comment: 5 stars
Pros: Best supplier of Las Vegas Security Systems
James W12/13/2019
Pros: Maria goes above and beyond for all your insurance needs!
Comment: If you don't have insurance for your auto home or person then you need to contact her to get the best rate and she goes above and beyond!
Downey Thomas09/19/2019
Comment: Lightning Bail Bonds was a great experience and provided economical prices. I was bailed out promptly and they have been helpful throughout the process.
Cons: Spam they send texts everyday. Theres no way to stop the texts it is very annoying. Im going to change my number
Pros: NONE
Cons: It's a scam! I keep getting email texts EVERYDAY from quickcasheksjv@srxaib.com or quickcashcjbil@g4x5wy.com or quickcashjqjmx@nvgzmj.com or fashcashllkvp@vuwpfg.com When you type in the doman it pops up: FinancedFast.com There is NO WAY this is legitimate. This needs to be shut down!
Comment: This is just a scam and so incredibly annoying!
Comment: Sends spam text messages to my cell phone that can not be replied to which is illegal.
Daphne Wallace04/23/2019
Cons: Gave me an Insurance Policy and he was completely devoid of any Information about the price going up in 2014, so I owed $1500. pay-back for catch-up Premiums on: what was turning out to be a "vehicle" for Investors- NOT single mothers! Those people paid monthly according to the stock market and interest in bank's values at the time or year in question, or, to: Trade this policy in for another one as they wished! The Cash value being depleted from them wanting the same premium per month but it needed to be RAISED- unbenownst to ME- a full 6 years earlier than I was told, to: $270.00 per month instead of in five years, to: $75.00 per month on-going, when I reached 75! I didn't even know that there WAS a cash value, or that this was to be turned over to get another one in case I didn't die at age 70, but I thought that it would need to be 'adjusted" (per his words) at age 75. I am owed $9,000 so that I can recoup this loss. I was trying to take care of my disabled son with aphasia and severe communicative disorder, so I feel extremely anxious
Comment: I demand that he be held accountable by the State Insurance Board
Comment: They keep sending me text messages for an Adriana Lopez. I’m not her. I have went to there website and did the unsubscribe several times last week and this week. I’m tired of getting text messages from them. They also need a better way to get ahold of someone there to talk because every time I tried to call to talk to someone it hangs up on me when I answer no to any questions.  Thank you Diana