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Comment: I'm happy to discuss my revolutionary adventure with this Neuromuscular massage therapy clinic! Before discovering their outstanding therapists, chronic back pain was a constant companion. After treating it, they have fully eliminated my discomfort, allowing me to live pain-free and regain joy. As suggested by a friend, I had attempted biomagnetism therapy, which was crucial in regaining my health when other medications had only momentarily improved my problems. It profoundly affected my health, alleviating and completely healing health issues, and gave me wonderful results. I wholeheartedly recommend incorporating biomagnetism into massage therapy practices. The integration will aid in healing and improve patient satisfaction. Visit drgarciabiomagnetism.com for additional details. It serves as your entry point to overall wellness.
Pros: Circle of Threads is not located in Circle, Montana however miles away in Thompson Falls.
Cons: Misdirection, not correct location. Lost of time for sewers needs.
Comment: Not correct information. Been there, its not.
Pros: Super helpful and friendly folks work here
Dennis Mock10/10/2019
Pros: Great food, Fellowship * & facility. 
Comment: Loved visiting , for Census work,etc. Home Feel,etc. 
Dennis Mock10/10/2019
Comment: Loved visiting, home feel & Kid Friendly..
Ron Gammill08/12/2019
Pros: Very reasonable business to work with Prices are great
Cons: None
Comment: David will always try to come up with the best answer for your problem
Joeseph Smith10/26/2017
Pros: Everything and Anything
Cons: NONE
Comment: The best carpet cleaning service i have received in years, A+++++
Pros: The staff is nice
Cons: Poor customer service
Comment: Our vehicle was dropped off over 4 weeks ago after being there multiple time before for the same/similar stemming problems. It seems the original problem was not corrected and created additional problems. It seems either the person ordering parts is ineffective or the distributor they use is as it was reported that the wrong parts had been delivered multiple times. It is very frustrating, I would never use them or refer anyone there
Khaled Ramadan07/26/2017
Comment: Very honest owners, friendly, and understandable. Have clean, nice, and fully equipped cabins.
Matthew Mathers06/30/2017
Comment: I was surprised at the price and the quality of work great stuff