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Pros: n
Cons: many
Comment: Can't find a menu, but I guess you can get most anything that you want at Alice's Restaurant ;)
Pros: When are you open ???
Cons: Hours and day not posted on the door
Comment: Day and time you open please
Pros: Quality and friendliness
Cons: The world needs more people serving with care, like Lisa !
Comment: Tasty homemade type pies, bread and caramel or cinnamon rolls!
Kevin Burgess03/08/2019
Comment: This guy is a joke. I was needing a contractor and i found him on google so i called him and all i heard was laughter and fart noises. Ok i get it, it was like 5 on a friday(today) and i have an out of state number haha. So, i called back and again fart noises. Im not even mad. I found another guy. Then this pos calls me at 8 at night as im laying with my sick daughter, so i dont answer. The voicemail was again laughter and fart noises. Haha good one. who has the time to not only burn a job as i was not shopping bids. I knew the price i am willing to pay and for my small job. But then to call me as if im some sort of a joke. I can understand this in highschool or maybe at a gay bar but not from a person trying to run a business. Dont waste your time with this loser.
Ricky Vonalman02/13/2019
Pros: Howdy I ran out of gas in Plummer walk to the gas station A Lovely Lady manager Gina ask a customer she knew to give me a ride back with the gas can I was short $4 and she trusted me to stop in and pay her back she is one valuable employee I love all of the Plummer people they are super awesome thanks again so much a dedicated gas and customer from now on way to go I could only give them a five star rating if I could it would have been a 10 star reading
Pros: None
Cons: Filthiest shop I have ever been in. Resulting in extreme amount of dirt in their paint jobs. My truck had rust spots starting when I panicked it up.
Comment: This company is owe need by Reliakor, a complete rip off company. STAY CLEAR
Pros: Pros you can buy lottery tickets there
Cons: Cons Is customer service is very rude special when you spend on her and $250 on lottery tickets I want to help other customers because you’re asking what numbers the tickets are because they only make $.40 off of every ticket
Comment: I will never go there again the guy that worked there just 45 minutes ago very rude to me and I will be getting a hold of Scott the president of the company
Kyle kelleher02/17/2017
Comment: Hello I'm checking to see if you have any cheap used tires for sale in my size of 195 55 r15 85v
Pros: no pros here
Cons: drug dealing section 8 house
Comment: wouldn't want to do business here