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manuel arias12/04/2019
Pros: none
Cons: everything
Comment: DO NOT hire this contractor for any construction, renovations, or anything related to your house. We signed a contract that our new addition would be finished in 4 months. It's been 10 months and we still do not have a kitchen. The roof was improperly installed, the concrete foundation is uneven, and their excuses was to blame the weather. We fired them after they demanded more money before fixing all the items that were defective.Don Althoff an Ray Ramsey put the con in construction, everything they touch turns to crap. so now I've got a shell with a leaking roof and an uneven slab.this guy is such clown, that he installed a load bearing wall 6 inches off the foundation, they had to move the entire wall ! The first tool they pull out of their toolbox is always a lie, and the second is always an excuse. Run away from these idiots like your hair is on fire! also, their BBB rating is a solid F!
Isaac M10/02/2019
Pros: Quick to reply when a job is posted and give you low cost estimates
Cons: Grabs money and run away
Comment: Jason is a fraud. Con artist. Stay away from him. He's lazy, unprofessional, unreliable, brute, and frankly a scam. All he's after is your pocket. Stay away from him. He lies as he breathes. He does not want to work for the money. He wants your money then he'd be screaming on you. He does not know how to conduct a simple conversation. I rather talk to a beast than having to deal with this fraud. He'd grab your money upfront. Don't give him your hard earned money. If you do, you'll be sorry for yourself because he'd never get work done once he pocket the money. He'd lie over and over. He cant do anything but he'd tell you he can do everything. This should have been our cue. This is a con artist. A scam. Run away or be scammed. He's running away or something. He never picks up calls. If he ever picks up, you get the bestiality out him. I don't want what my family went through with this man to happen to anyone. Stay away from him: Sheer animal.
Pros: Fast, friendly and affordable service
Comment: I've actually used this local locksmith before. They installed keypad lock for my front door. The guy was very friendly and showed me how to reprogram the lock.
gill sana06/13/2019
Comment: Gathering was specific and the heavenliness of the work was immaculate. Very euphoric with the foundation of our new sliding gateways. Professional Window Glass & Repair giving you incredible administrations much obliged
Laura Zara05/14/2019
Pros: -
Cons: Neglectful drivers- speeding on the highway- being involved in car accidents
Comment: This company stinks. It has drivers that like speeding while driving heavy trucks. I have witnessed and heard from other people that drivers of this company were involved in multiple car accidents because of their neglect and not caring about other's lives on the road. DO NOT do any business with this company and save your and other people's lives.
William Brooks05/14/2019
Comment: Great windows and door glass repair service, excellent work did at reasonable prices. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive but definitely worth it for the quality. Very happy with Professional Glass Window Repair!
nick roy05/07/2019
Pros: services was right in the middle
Comment: It was great at explaining the product and the process. We received 3 different estaminet from 3 different companies and Professional glass window repair and services was right in the middle when it came to cost but the client administration put them over the top.
Michelle fogarty05/01/2019
Pros: Gordon Murray murdered in St Paul MN By Moore and Dadi or Didi covered up by Several St. Paul police officers. Have Theresa Murray. Forced to say what she is told, call FBI, They have Theresa Murray daughter and others.did beat and rape
Cons: Rità Nelson Anna Fogarty abducted.beaten and raped. Kristin Has damaged Beyond repair. Roy Cunningham Coo cook Hines Jones Zimmerman valentine Shohara involved. Many more. Murdering my family Michelle Fogarty 568 Lexington PKWY N St Paul. mn55104
Comment: Call FBI. have Greg Haase
den halke04/26/2019
Comment: Extremely joyful with the installation of our new Skylight window fix. Group was specific and the greatness of the work was flawless. Titan Window Glass giving you great services thank you…!!
Pros: Professional Window Glass Repair and Services
Cons: best workers
Comment: Professional Window Glass Repair and Services has a best workers for the work with the good price and the best services at Alexandria VA, I’m thankful for the best facilities