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Pros: None
Cons: Owner is known to beat customers and has been arrested multiple times
Pros: great jobs
Cons: Thay have great people working there and good use parts and Thay stand be hide them'
Pros: Great service 
Comment: Thank u 
Pros: Excellent Resource!
Pros: Reliable & Solid
Comment: Dawn & Jack are really hard working people-and flexible. They treated us fairly and adapted to our situation when it changed. They live only a few miles from us and showed me they honestly do care about what happens to people after they sell their house to them. We never would have been able to sell with a realtor and I am glad we found these people!
Pros: Very professional, great actitud, very easy to communicate with them. Best moving company in Boston.
Cons: None
Comment: Boston best moving company by far 
Pros: Best Sushi Bar in Auburn, Massachusetts
Cons: None
Comment: Bar One and Sushi is absolutely amazing. I went there about 2 weeks ago and I've been back 5 times since. They have the cheapest, most delicious lunch menu and a very respectable sushi repertoire. I used have a favorite sushi restaurant in Worcester MA but Bar One & Sushi topped it... which I never thought would happen! And luckily, they're way closer to my house!
Pros: Bowling, Food and Arcade
Comment: We had a great time for our birthday party, look forward to coming by again.
Pros: Fast Service
Comment: Excellent job with my garage door installation in Worcester, Massachusetts yesterday! The team worked quickly and my garage door look great, opens and closed smoothly and quietly!
Pros: as a gay man, he gives great oral
Cons: crys too much when on bottom