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Comment: I was plagued by persistent tooth issues that impacted my daily life. Seeking relief, I visited this French, Robert H, DDSdental care whose expertise and care have been pivotal in my recovery. The dentists here resolved my dental problems and restored my tooth issues but enhanced my confidence. Their commitment to oral health is remarkable. Biomagnetism therapy has a surprising level of effectiveness, given my prior medical background. It eventually began to be seen as a saving grace when conventional treatments had failed. It provided me with a remarkable transformation in terms of my health by enhancing the body's equilibrium. I heartily recommend incorporating biomagnetism with dental practice. Visit drgarciabiomagnetism.com.
Pros: You are not just in there and out the doctor spends time with you and explains every detail.
Cons: None
Comment: Wonderful people, Great doctor
Cons: Incorrect order sent
Comment: You sent a very large package to my address in Spring Grove, MN saying it's a door. I didn't order this item, it has not been opened. What should I do with it.
Comment: Sold off hasn't been operating for years children bussed to Millard Elementary
Pros: Great customer service
Cons: N/A
Comment: Awesome company!
Pros: The best KENTUCKY DUI Attorney
Cons: None
Comment: The DUI Guy is the best lawyer for DUI's in Kentucky
Pros: Best Louisville Kentucky DUI Lawyer By Far
Cons: There are no cons I can think of
Comment: Larry The DUI Guy Forman Is The Best Kentucky DUI Attorney
Pros: Great Cuts, Personal Service
Cons: None yet
Comment: I have gotten my hair cut at all of the chains for the last 3 decades, went here after you could get a post-covid-19 closing cut while waiting on my Kroger pickup. That was in May, 2 days after they reopened. Felt and looked like a new man! I will NEVER go to another chain!!!
Jean Wheeler06/05/2020
Pros: Do you ever buy used car tires
Cons: i have 4 car tires for sale 1 is new the other 3 are in fair shape the size of them are p 15 195 / 55 16 asking 80dollars for all
Comment: Do you ever buy used car tires
Judith Hutchinson12/03/2019
Pros: Poor business transactions, will refuse to make purchases right. Owner of store will not rectify the issues , according to manager(sister) he doesn't even come to the store anymore at all, and even refuses to call me, had his wife call the police on me, because I went to his house and ask his wife to give him a message to call me, THAT'S SOMEWAY TO RUN A BUSINRSS
Cons: Will take advantage
Comment: Bring it back in Ms. Hutchinson we will make it right, was told I have been to god of a customer to be done that way don't you listen to them, just want more Money! out of you for their mistakes