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Cons: Paint job was very bad...it had runs, waves door jams not not painted, the vehicle came back looking like a very well used farm truck.... I had my car checked out before I took it to him and after it came back it was in very poor shape....
Comment: I would NOT recommend anybody take their car to get it painted here.....
mark burghardt04/05/2019
Pros: none.
Cons: fail to communicate or respond to clients or return calls.
Comment: Make promises they have no intention of keeping.
Kevin Tribh11/16/2018
Pros: Professional Taylor and fair prices 
Cons: Time 
Comment: If You want ur dress look great give her tine to make 'en 
Comment: If they manage their landscaping anything like they drive, you do NOT want them! Discourteous, rude and reckless!
Stacy Rodriguez02/05/2018
Pros: Scott and his wife are gifts of God.
Cons: No cons
Comment: Scott is HILARIOUS. For reals if you're having a bad day order a service of Scott's then grab your popcorn and wait for the entertainment. Scott has a lot of great qualities: customer 1st, personable, passionate, patient, kind, great heart, God gifted him with hands to nurture. Point blank.... call him He can improve your lawn by 200%
Pros: None!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cons: TJ Brown = Rude, liar, all about making $$$$$$ for him and company anyway possible at the expense of the policy holder!!
Herb Holmberg05/15/2017
Pros: Nothing pro to say
Cons: Darlene Lollar will cheat you and steal from you!
Comment: Do not do business with this woman. This woman is crooked, in my business dealings with Darlene she cheated me, lied to me and stole money from me. Look for reviews of her business on Yahoo to see complaints others had about this crooked woman!
Tony Walls10/02/2016
Pros: Best in the Business with their online auction platform. 
Comment:  I have consigned with them several times and I'm always happy with their sales 
Deb Mccune09/15/2016
Pros: Service and professional courtesy. 
Cons: Not even one!
Comment: This was such a positive and convienient   Experience that I felt that I had to comment!  A big thanks to the young man that helped me and a big Thankyou to the whole business, it was a small ticket but the service and the help was worth so much more,   Again Thanks and good job guys!
john bryer05/12/2016
Pros: good people