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Pros: Great teacher and enviroment
Cons: none
Comment: This is a great place to learn how to paint!
Pros: Steel siding
Cons: very noisy
Comment: Installation not performed according to installation instructions.
Pros: Incredibly knowledgeable and got the information we needed. He was not too expensive.
Cons: None!
Comment: Mike was awesome! I recommend him to anyone. Super nice guy too.
Comment: These guys are doing a good job with the marketing breeze I like your people my reviews 10/10
Comment: When I do my laundry at Westwood Village Laundry, I get my clothes clean because this laundry mat uses purified water, and it provides the Tide detergent, and the Bounce Dryer Sheets to help get my clothes clean and soft. I feel that their dryers also work very well. Quality machines and quality products get laundry very, very clean.
Velkinaut Vooshna01/29/2020
Comment: What year was the grain elevator built ?
Cons: Paint job was very bad...it had runs, waves door jams not not painted, the vehicle came back looking like a very well used farm truck.... I had my car checked out before I took it to him and after it came back it was in very poor shape....
Comment: I would NOT recommend anybody take their car to get it painted here.....
mark burghardt04/05/2019
Pros: none.
Cons: fail to communicate or respond to clients or return calls.
Comment: Make promises they have no intention of keeping.
Kevin Tribh11/16/2018
Pros: Professional Taylor and fair prices 
Cons: Time 
Comment: If You want ur dress look great give her tine to make 'en