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Pros: great service
Cons: will take again
Comment: highly recommend
Pros: Affordable Services
Cons: None
Comment: Excellent work!
Dan hanson12/11/2018
Pros: Has done alot of works on both my wifes and my vehicles. always did a great job and was done when they said it would be.
Carissa Larry10/25/2018
Comment: In jesus name !
Cons: no good
Jennifer Woodcock 06/06/2018
Cons: clock repair person doesn't live at 3366 W Sekiu anymore
Comment: Pleaee be advised that this business isn't open anymore.
Pros: Good cash
Cons: Prostitute buyers
Comment: There's a man who buys pussy and won't help anyone he's married he's a snake and I warn everyone please don't use this company it's awful
Mary Tyo01/08/2018
Comment: New market apartment address is wrong there address is 100 e main New market in 600 east south blvd Crawfordsville In is my address
Tim Draman01/03/2018
Comment: Jason is a crook and a deadbeat dad. His correct address is 529 High Street, Apartment 3, Brookville, IN. He lives and works out of this apartment. He has no office or shop. He has no equipment. He has no employees and finds day labor on Craigslist to work on the projects he gets. Jason bid on our pole barn build and won the contract, a contract which HE wrote and presented to us. He started the work on our barn and worked until he had taken all the draws that we allowed him to take prior to completion of the barn. Because I wasn't keeping close track of it, we allowed him to draw approximately $5,000 more than we should have. There was supposed to be a large sum left at the end that he would only receive upon completion. What's more, we loaned him money against future labor that would be applied to "extras" on the project. He claimed that he needed the money to pay his child support and that he would go to jail if he didn't pay the money. He said he has two kids by two women in two different counties. Anyhow, when we realized Jason was way ahead on draws, we cut him off quoting his contract that clearly states that the remainder would not be paid until the job was completed. So instead of finishing the job, Jason simply disappeared. He uses a "Trac phone" which he has to add minutes to regularly. If he doesn't want to receive calls from pissed off folks, he just doesn't reload minutes. My guess is that he has several of these phones. He did call asking for more money from his mom's cell phone. We refused. So the job has not gotten finished and I don't expect Jason will follow through at this point. Jason has screwed us out of roughly $10,000 of labor and materials he never bought for the job. Jason also admitted to horsing around and throwing an aerosol can into the fire they had built to dispose of scrap. The can exploded and flew against the side of the barn leaving a large, distinct aerosol can shaped dent in the side of the barn. He was supposed to replace that siding but never did. And since the job didn't get done by 12/1/2017 as agreed, winter has set in and it won't get finished until I find someone to complete it in the spring. That has also cost me a significant amount of money due to lost work, which was the purpose for the barn. DON'T TRUST HIM. HE COMES OFF AS AN OPEY TAYLOR KIND OF GUY, SOFT SPOKEN AND NICE. SEARCH REVIEWS FOR HIM UNDER HIS NAME, JF CONTRACTING, JASON FORD CONTRACTING. READ THE REVIEWS AND BE INFORMED!
Paul Gasser 12/31/2017
Pros: None
Cons: No Emergency Response
Comment: Furnance stopped working and after many messages maint came by and changed filter. Unit froze right back up. No heat. Zero degrees for tonight and no one will return any calls after trying all day.  Even called police and they cant contact owners.