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Dan Crockett06/14/2019
Pros: Made things easy when I was stressed out due to a sewer line repair problem. Well Done!
Comment: I want to compliment the city of Belleville Sewer Plant and their office employee, Angel. Angel went out of her way to help us with a sewer line repair problem that was needed and even helped us remedy a solution. She explained their policy and procedure, what information was needed to help with our claim and was helpful at all times. She was always friendly, would either give me an answer to a question or find out the answer for me and call back quickly. I felt stressed over this sewer problem, but she helped make a stressful situation easier and was vey helpful and even compasionate about my problem. Job well done! Thank You Angel and everyone involved that helped rectufy my problem, you are very much appreciated.
john 06/11/2019
Cons: could not take pictures
Comment: I will not be back
Frank M05/20/2019
Comment: Tom and Rob are personable and professional. Their product knowledge makes it obvious that they have been in the flooring business for many years. Frank led a team of installers that showed up on time, had a great attitude and did a perfect job. I would definitely recommend Exploring Flooring.
Julian Madison05/02/2019
Pros: Outstanding Marketing Service
Comment: New Phone Number 651-352-5882
Kathy Spiek03/31/2019
Pros: Very positive experience
Cons: None
Comment: Our family highly recommends this business and the wonderful service they provided us. We found the owner to be very compassionate and caring, and felt our beloved cat would be handled with great care.
Mchele Ann01/22/2019
Pros: None 
Cons: Aggressive rude and pushy
Comment: I had a terrible experience with this company.  The owner is aggressive, pushy and rude. I highly recommend you find a different business to work with. 
Mchele Ann01/22/2019
Pros: None
Cons: Aggressive and rude
Comment: This guy was terribly rude, aggressive and pushy. Maybe he was having a bad day, but I had a terrible experience and highly recommend you find someone else. 
Pros: Convenient and online shopping without leaving your home
Cons: taste test before you buy, if you do not like it NO commitments
BOB SROKA11/11/2018
Devin Andrews09/06/2018
Comment: Bought a minivan for $3000 last year. As of today, I spent over $7,500 on repairs, and it has only been 1.5 years. Go to a place with a mechanic who will actually check out the cars they get. Also, I ran into the man who bought my older car. I traded it in for $650. He sold it for $2500. I asked him if anyone bought it since it was not on his website. To this day, there has been no response. The woman who bought it gave it to her ex-boyfriend, who made repairs on it--including a new transmission. Also, I traded it in at 244,000 miles. When I saw the speedometer, it was at 225,000. Figure it out.