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Pros: 1. Most affordable price 2. The workers are professional 3. They have great vision before working
Cons: I didn't find any kind of cons.
Comment: One of the best commercial roofing service by High Country Roofing. I would Definitely recommend everyone to take their service.
Pros: Very Professional and Work on time
Cons: There are no such cons
Comment: The workers are really professional and the did my roof inspection for very minimum price. I would recommend HighhcountryRoofing.
Pros: Highcountryroofing is probably the best roofing service in US. They have every pros, from experience to affordability to quality.
Cons: I did not find any cons.
Comment: I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
Pros: They have the most experience in roof coating service in a very affordable price.
Cons: They have no cons.
Comment: I would definitely say if you finding a roof coating service then highcountry.org is the best company for you.
Pros: Great communication and knowledge of the real estate process.
Comment: Happy to use them again
Pros: 1. They have a good knowledge and experience about roofing services. 2. They provide such good raw materials. 3. They finished the work before the time they have promised. 4. And the last thing is the price, the price is absolutely affordable.
Cons: I didn't find any kind of cons on their services.
Comment: I have hired them in a month ago, they have done their work in such a good way and their price is really affordable. So thank you highcountryroofing for your service. I would recommend everyone to use their service.
Pros: Can't think of any
Cons: Treasonous allegiance to Chinese Communist Party; Leadership hates America.
Comment: Management needs to submit visa applications for emigration to China or North Korea.
Comment: WARNING: Todd Sorenson has already been banned from doing business once before. No wonder he's listed on the shadiest, shoddiest platform of all: HomeAdvisor. I guess when you're a low-end struggling contractor with no license but lots of criminal records, HomeAdvisor is the one place that will take you in with open arms. No doubt about it that the reviews he has on HomeAdvisor are also fake. I'd imagine HomeAdvisor is faking the reviews on its platform to create a false sense of security so you'd be suckered into hiring its shoddy contractors. I can tell Todd Sorenson's glowing reviews are fake because 1, he's been caught faking his reviews before and 2, he has no good reviews anywhere else except on HomeAdvisor which is a huge red flag. I'm guessing he's either calling in to HomeAdvisor saying great reviews about himself or HomeAdvisor staff are just writing those fake reviews to boost the shoddy contractors that they have listed on their platform. I'm sure they won't allow bad reviews of their contractors because of an obvious conflict-of-interest for them. I wish I had done better research on this contractor before hiring him off of HomeAdvisor and taking their word for it.
Comment: I hired this Todd Sorenson to do some remodeling for my house in Boise a few days ago. From the first day I noticed there were some things that were off about this guy. Day 1 and day 2 he was camped under a tree most of the time smoking what I can assume was marijuana. Day 2 I took a walk around the house to observe the progress and found he had done hardly any work. I started doing some digging and after checking with Idaho records I learned that Todd Sorenson has a long criminal record. I checked with the Idaho secretary of State and they told me that Todd Sorenson hasn't been licensed for years and the license number he's giving out has been revoked. I called the supplier yards and nobody there has ever heard of Todd Sorenson or Todd Sorenson Masonry. Needless to say, on day 3 I fired him from the job.
Samuel Raymond03/03/2020
Comment: Todd Sorenson Masonry is unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured, and unprofessional. And you know why he's unlicensed? Because he's got criminal records, tons of them. Domestic violence, driving under the influence, long jail sentences, probation, you name it. If something goes wrong during the job, you're on your own. Homeowners insurance won't cover any work or additions made by an unlicensed contractor. There'd even be potential problems with the mortgage lender if the bank ever found out work was made by an unlicensed contractor not to mention fines from the city if they found out work was done by an unlicensed contractor. No thanks, not hiring this guy! Todd Sorenson is a total phony. He is a dishonest person who will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.