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chelsey macon10/11/2019
Pros: Eljae wont disappoint
Comment: dont waste your money getting cheap extensions, if your gonna do it do it right - Eljae wont disappoint and she is amazing with hair.
chris sproles09/24/2019
Pros: I would recommend her
Comment: Mary Beth is really good at what she does and I would recommend her and Alluring Hair Salon to all my friends.
Patricia Gomez09/20/2019
Comment: OCP Bed Bug Exterminator Atlanta GA is great and I highly recommend them. Their service is extremely effective and the technician was professional and courteous.
Pros: None. Get another general contractor.
Cons: They badly boffed our new home build. Awful brickwork. Going to BBB..
Comment: Not recommended.
Pared Jones09/03/2019
Pros: Really cannot think of any. Subpar contractors galore.
Cons: He uses low quality subcontractors. They will end up with liens on your new home as he intentionally uses these people to avoid paying them their fee. Get lien waivers, or better yet use another general contractor
Comment: Not recommended.
Pros: knows her stuff
Comment: In the past, I always had to do some sort of magic with my hair to hide the extensions and even then it was inevitable you'd see a few. Not these! they blend perfectly. Brie knows her hair and knows her stuff and no one can tell I have them!
Comment: My son and I were visiting family in Georgia and my six year old son came down with a 103 fever at midnight. Couldn't find a open urgent care around but I saw this service on the web. They contacted me immediately through text and my son had his amoxicillin within 2 hours!! THANK YOU!! EXCELLENT AND VERY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
hortense baney07/31/2019
Pros: The staff is friendly and welcoming,
Comment: The staff is friendly and welcoming, and I think they are one of the best locations to get hair extensions in the country. I've been a long time client of LJ the (owner) and not only is my hair very fine I am going gray still she makes mee look and feel good. Thank you LJ!
Jacob W07/21/2019
Comment: Apex Building Care is very professional detailed commercial cleaning company. Our office is always clean spotless. Kitchen and bathrooms clean smelling fresh. I highly recommend this company.     
crystal diener07/10/2019
Pros: just give Eljae a call!
Comment: Really, just give Eljae a call! I have weak hair, and she has used both fused and tape extensions to ensure my hair stays healthy but that I get plenty of volume and length :) She is amazing, sweet, responsive, accommodating.