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Pros: None
Cons: Fraud
Comment: Someone recently hacked into my Home Depot account and tried to order items and have them shipped to this address. So if you are buying things from here, they are probably stolen merchandise. Be very aware. 
Pros: Above and beyond superb friendly helpful service!
Comment: Superb!
Pros: Search For A Great Medium To Activate Cash App Card
Cons: lpage
Comment: Sometimes, you might come across some small problems while trying to Activate Cash App Card with or without the QR code. Besides, you can also reach customer care specialists through a helpline number anytime round the clock. Moreover, you can also take a tour of a help section to find out the right source regarding the same. https://www.cash-appsupportnumber.com/how-to-activate-cash-app-card/
Pros: They closed fast
Comment: Very good company to work with us on our house we sold in Savannah ga
Pros: NONE
Cons: Everything
Comment: RUN AWAY! This "business" is a joke, it's one old man who ropes in his unsuspecting family members to do jobs he has no way of completing on time or with the quality he promises. Straight up conman. He was 3.5 hours late the first day, didn't have the needed supplies and only worked for 4 hours. 1.5 hours late the second day still without the supplies. Then he disappeared for 3 hours in the middle of the day. I told him I wanted to cancel our contract and get some of my money from the $1000 back he said ok to my face and then stopped responding to texts, calls, or emails. I've had to file a complaint with PayPal and he hasn't even responded to that. He's an idiot and a scammer. Stay as far away as you can!
Pros: Will I address Cash app customer service on a call?
Comment: More likely than not, certain, you can undoubtedly address a Cash app customer service on a call by dialing this prepared number. Considering everything, you need to dial the number and besides guarantee that the help bundle never requests cash. Thusly, in the event that you get such a sound beginning there, that point, you should avoid it what's more cross-check the number from real protests. https://www.cash-appsupportnumber.com/
Pros: lerypage
Cons: lpage7503@gmail.com
Comment: Unmistakably, no weakness in this that Cash app customer service helps to report cash. Doubtlessly, you are permitted to guarantee for any exchange, considering the way that the Cash app tracks all the exchanges to dodge any tricks. Hence, you need to contact the extortion division get-together and confirmation your requests, they will request that you fill 1099 development and affirmation to move back your cash right away. https://www.cashappcustomersupport.com/
Pros: Best personal injury lawyer in Atlanta!
Comment: Really cares about this clients and wants the best for everyone. Fights incredibly hard for the best possible outcome. Highly recommended personal injury lawyer in Atlanta.
Comment: the best
Pros: None
Cons: He DOES NOT listen to his patients
Comment: I was sent to Synergy by the Hostilo Law firm due to injuries received in a car wreck.  A chiropractor and an Orthopedic Dr . Practice here.   My very first visit, I told the female sitting at the front desk that I did not feel comfortable with being adjusted without my Xrays being looked at.   I allowed Dr.Cherni to convince this was exactly what I needed after telling him I prefer to look At the X-rays first.  No, no, I got it and proceeded to treat me.   I stressed to everyone in this office that I had a survey injury to my shoulder, continually.  I went for the next visit to the orthopedic Dr.who never put a hand on me.  I returned for 3 more appointments and on my last one, I again stressed the injury to my shoulder. Again, Dr. Cherni does not listen to me and states we can work the mechanics and get he Orthopedic Dr. the next day to inject my shoulder..    I told him I was not going to do this anymore.  He seemed agitated and said, I tell you what, I’ll set you up for an MRI ( I been asking before I ever went to get a MRI and have Synergy personnel to look at the X-rays and Scans.  I left and went straight to AU West Wheeler road and walked in, first come first serve. To make a long story short, X-RAYS a were taken, it was clearly visible to ME and Dr Prada and associates that is was dislocated.  My shoulder is a reverse replacement and requires surgery to correct. The same day Dr Cherni wanted to adjust or treat me, I was set up for surgery the following Wednesday for emergency surgery.  All I asked and stressed is that Synergy please look at the X-rays.  Nope, Dr. Cherni states, I got this, I got this.....  On the only positive thing that ever came out from going there is or was that the heat treatment and electrodes my have done a bit of good