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Pros: Their employees were very interested
Comment: Tshirt prints look very cool and beautiful.
Pros: Oh wow !! So sorry they are no longer in business ! Always great to work with!! They will surly be missed! 
Comment: Sad sad sad loss to the community! Great, Honest and very pleasant to work with ! 
Marie Orpos11/09/2021
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Pros: None
Cons: Fraud
Comment: Someone recently hacked into my Home Depot account and tried to order items and have them shipped to this address. So if you are buying things from here, they are probably stolen merchandise. Be very aware. 
Pros: Above and beyond superb friendly helpful service!
Comment: Superb!
Pros: Search For A Great Medium To Activate Cash App Card
Cons: lpage
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Pros: They closed fast
Comment: Very good company to work with us on our house we sold in Savannah ga
Pros: NONE
Cons: Everything
Comment: RUN AWAY! This "business" is a joke, it's one old man who ropes in his unsuspecting family members to do jobs he has no way of completing on time or with the quality he promises. Straight up conman. He was 3.5 hours late the first day, didn't have the needed supplies and only worked for 4 hours. 1.5 hours late the second day still without the supplies. Then he disappeared for 3 hours in the middle of the day. I told him I wanted to cancel our contract and get some of my money from the $1000 back he said ok to my face and then stopped responding to texts, calls, or emails. I've had to file a complaint with PayPal and he hasn't even responded to that. He's an idiot and a scammer. Stay as far away as you can!
Pros: Will I address Cash app customer service on a call?
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Pros: lerypage
Cons: lpage7503@gmail.com
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