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Chris Tabb12/06/2019
Pros: None
Cons: No results
Comment: I made a terrible mistake two months ago by hiring PEMA.io to generate leads for my company. What an absolute disaster. They spammed my LinkedIn messages. Targeted people in all sorts of unqualified positions/industries regardless of me sharing a scrape data file of all the companies I wanted them to target. Sent messages out over Thanksgiving. Never answered messages from interested prospects. Sporadic communication from the account manager. The list goes on and on. What did I get over the course of 60 days? One actual phone call meeting with a prospect. Total cost: $2,400. Never do business with this company. Essentially what they do is operate a LinkedIn bot to send messages to unqualified targets while spending a total of 10 minutes on your account per day. You're better off using Dux-Soup or some other type of LI bot than getting fleeced for $1,400 a month.
Pros: gg
Comment: gg
Chris John11/15/2019
Pros: Stylish Wheels
Comment: Bought a pair of wheels for my GMC Denali from 4Play Wheels. It was perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking for!
Find American Rentals10/29/2019
Rodney 10/04/2019
Pros: Quality & Price
Cons: NoneĀ 
Comment: Highly recommend!
Carlos Thomas 10/01/2019
Pros: Good quality service provider Statewide Turf Equipment has been in our assistance since a decade. We have been purchasing equipment from them for a long time. As we have observed, they have adept technicians in the service department, dedicated inventory and internet specialists. The best part about them is that they are committed to the quality standards. Their services are consistent and of high quality. You will find all the types of turf equipment here for sure. Definitely recommended for the customers. Most importantly they value the time and money of their customers.
Pros: Great doctor. Best treatment. Nice people. This place is really good. I would recommend "Healing the eye" to those, who are looking for the best eye care treatments.
Cons: I didnt find anything bad about this center
Comment: Great services. Keep it up
Armand Ciccarelli09/14/2019
Cons: .
Cons: WARNING: Keystone Heights Area! For the third time my debit card was skimmed at the BP at 214 and Hwy100. I know this because of the fact that that card is ONLY Used there to buy gas. Nowhere Else! In each case my Card info was used to buy gas in Orlando at a Circle K and each time the charge was $66.00. I contacted the State Inspector and reported that I was skimmed there for sure and that I thought the Owner (Sam) was involved. They went today and tore all the Pumps Apart and found 2 Highly sophisticated card skimming devices INSIDE SEAL PUMPS! This means that the skimmers were there when Sam put on the seals! I was told that in his 27 years with the State OF Florida, these were the most sophisticated skimmers he ever saw or found! Either avoid this place or PAY CASH! The State also just changed the law about this. If it is a repeat occurrence after warning, the owner will be heavily fined.
Jimmy Anderson09/09/2019
Comment: They truly care for elders and are great at communication not just with the patient and or families, but with each other as employees. I would happily recommend this Home Health to any loved one of mine.