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Pros: nothing
Cons: scammers
Comment: they tried to scam me for my omen laptop
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Comment: Great classes. Really Pleased. Ralph Kinnard does a great job with the environment, participation, and the overall warmth of the class. I am very happy to attend these classes. I would like to recommend to everyone.
Pros: Skill Nurturing and Concreting Talents
Cons: Its abstract for lazy humans
Comment: Beacon of the young generation
Pros: Good working environment, . Great atmosphere to learn and grow personally along with the company.
Cons: i cant think of any now
Comment: An inspirational company with visonary leaders
Cons: Don't answer online chat or email
Comment: After giving my order and checking my Visa account I tried to contant them for a status on my order. The business "Online chat" would not respond, email also no response. Went to "US Business" website. States business has been active for 40 years but when I went to BBB to check, the company is not even listed, I checked the reviews on the US Business site and found only 7 reviews. The 4 positive reviews were done in 2016 and seemed very close to the same time and date. The 3 bad reviews were posted in 2017 and more spread out. Those seemed to echo the response i am getting
Comment: Hi Team, I received my order on Wednesday. Thanks for your prompt service, everything arrived as ordered. Kind Regards
Comment: I really really thank you guys so much for everything especially for your. I received my order. Thanks clubpillsonline
Pros: best company development
Comment: A majority part of web improvement companies today center around creating sites in bulk.
Pros: NONE
Comment: BUYER BEWARE!!! I placed an order for ONAN 214-0092 - BRUSH AC GEN (PACK/2) - Original OEM part. When my order arrived it only had a quantity of one brush in a sealed plastic bag that stated Quantity 1. I called Small Engines PRO and was told to utilize the online Chat to get resolution. I then contacted them via Chat and sent them a detailed picture of the shipping package, packing receipt and the product bag showing that only quantity 1 of the product was sent. Since then I have contacted them numerous times and I get the response "I haven't contact you because I haven't received any update about your case. Today, I have asked about it one more time. It has priority. As soon as I have an answer, any update, I will contact you." I was told that I would have an response on Feb 3, 2020. Again today Feb 10, 2020 I contacted them and they stated that I need to be patient. I guess 3 weeks is not being patient. In the meantime my generator remains inoperable.