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Pros: Buds has been maintaining my lawnmowers for over 20 years. I always had a sharp blade to make my lawn look good.
Cons: Sometimes we had to order parts..
Pros: Integrity, quality
Comment: I had heard about good and bad roofing contractors in Florida - whomever did our roof in 2005 was not a good one - so approached our search for a good roofing contractors very carefully. We researched reviews, looked at Nextdoor to see what people said every time someone asked who a good roofing contractor would be, and did a lot of homework. Time after time, we saw Florida Top Shield pop up as one of the best. I called roofing companies, and took multiple bids, looking at how they handled us as potential customers. Andy, with Florida Top Shield, was on time, courteous, took the time to show us our options and the types of products used. His bid was one of the lower bids, too - not exorbitant or inflated. We were impressed. So we hired Florida Too Shield to do the job. Our insurance company had told us that our roof must be replaced before September 23 or they would cancel our insurance. Shortly before the job was to start, my husband had to go in the hospital (as of this writing, that was 11 days ago, and he is still there). Nevertheless, on a time crunch, we gave Florida Top Shield the go-ahead to do the job. They started on Wednesday a week ago. Their crew started early to beat the weather and worked late. They installed hurricane straps. When it rained before they were done they double checked inside to make sure everything was okay. They were focused, polite, used no fowl language nor listened to any offensive music. They were meticulous in their attention to detail to make sure our new gutters and leaf guards weren't damaged. I took photos of the entire process so my hospitalized husband could follow their progress. They finished late on Saturday night, days ahead of schedule. The result was stunning. I went up and walked on it, taking pictures to show my husband. I was impressed with the way they replaced the flashing around our recently rebuilt chimney and carefully retrimmed around that chimney with cedar. Beautiful work! They also worked to make sure the site was cleaned up afterward, and I only found breakage on one plant - which I suspect might have happened on the last day since they worked until dark to get the job done right. When we received the final invoice there were no undisclosed cost overruns and everything was within previously discussed parameters. Andy came by after the work was done as I wanted to give him a check directly and shake his hand, and let him know how appreciative we were of a good job. What impressed me even more, however was when the building inspector came to do the final inspection. His words: "this is a good company, and one of the few..." I recommended these people to anyone. Fast, efficient, quality workmanship, integrity.
Pros: owner Kelly is AMAZING!!!
Cons: None
Comment: great place to hang out for the day!!! Will do it again
Comment: Great service and very knowledgeable technician. Thank you for your time to fix my air conditioner at affordable prices. I will definitely use again and recommend.
Pros: Great Realtor!
Comment: Mark is a great realtor and a great guy! I’d call him a friend. I highly recommend him. He was always available to answer questions. He has contacts to recommend for additional home purchase support, such as contractor for home improvement. He will work hard, and work to get you the home you want.
Pros: Professional!
Comment: Mark was a pleasure to work with. He was quick to lend his experience in answering questions, and I never managed to ask a question he couldn't answer. The entire buying process was painless, stress-free, and painless.
Pros: None
Cons: Racist
Comment: How is this business still functioning? Company vehicle is loaded with race infused epithets. Not a wise marketing strategy. Owned by Samuel Ballantine and his home on Woodgate Wy is loaded with signs expressing the same crap.
Pros: Positive: Professionalism
Cons: I Don't See Any Cons
Comment: Very good cleaners!! Highly recommended. I had taken a cleaning service for my commercial property and they had done great work. I am so happy and satisfied with their service. Thank you.