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Last Reviews

Mary James08/03/2019
Comment: Jack is a kind, professional, and offers you the best business loan deals. Applying for a bad credit business loan was never this easy! Thank you for your services!
Diana Krall07/31/2019
Comment: The access to bad credit business loans was never this easy! Merchant Advisors has changed the game!
Ava Brian07/29/2019
Comment: The application process was notably manageable; I didn’t have to share the very information again and again. My advisor was professional and helped me throughout the process of the small business loan application. Thank you for the streamline funding process.
Alissa Dave07/26/2019
Comment: My financial advisor made sure to set me up with the fairest deal. Thank you Merchant Advisors for giving me a term loan at an affordable rate.
Comment: I think the best way to describe my experience at Merchant Advisors is: “Painless funding experience.” It took me five minutes to fill the loan application, the lender reviewed my application in 36 hours, and funds were in my bank account in three days. Thank you for efficient work!
Hugo Amos07/19/2019
Comment: I wouldn’t be running a successful small business without the help of Merchant Advisors. Thank you for approving me for a bad credit business loan. I thought this would be the end of my business, but I am glad you believed in my business plan and determination.
Isabella James07/17/2019
Pros: Lenient Terms and fast approval rate
Comment: Simple application and transparent funding! After visiting a couple of other lending companies, the policies of Merchant Advisors stood out for me! I applied for a Home-based business loan and was extremely satisfied by interest rate.
Mary Linda05/23/2019
Pros: What makes us different from other lenders? No Collateral Required Flexible Terms No Hidden Fees Fast Approval Low Rates Transparent Process
Comment: After facing loan rejection from multiple banks, I thought I have to shut down my business. With a poor credit score, I had nowhere to apply. Merchant Advisors’ Bad Credit Business Loan gave me a second chance, and I will be forever grateful.
Jacob Jones04/16/2019
Comment: Long time no see master Laperal. An a master musician back In the day. Goes out also to greatest with us all in the days of,( In Do Time)Jay Billilngs, Steve Maranellie , Old budy Will of many talents as well . Let us not forget Curtis Brown, fenominal talent if he would pay attention. LoL. Love an miss you all, sure certainly all is well. Keep up the good work all of you, best of wishes. Cencerily Jake Jones (Jonesey)
Morris Webster03/28/2019
Comment: Loan Specialist at Merchant Advisors was very knowledgeable, and helped me with my loan request. I was travelling and didn’t have much time to have the detailed conversation but he stayed in consistent communication with me and kept me posted about my loan status. Overall it was my great experience with an online lender.