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Pros: None, zip, zero, zilch, nada
Cons: Lunatic cashier lady working graveyard shift
Comment: BEWARE!!! Lunatic Cashier working the graveyard shift.  I just bought a fountain soda, a Reece's and a lighter. The dark haired woman at the register gave me a beige lighter and I said to her oh that's a ugly color can I get a different one maybe a green one would be nice. She just stared at me for a second like I was crazy or something then she turned, put  the beige one back, grabbed the green lighter and literally threw it onto the counter. It was obvious she was not happy. I quickly gave her a 20 to pay for my items. She took it, got my change and then threw my change down on the counter. I started picking up the bills and the nickel but pushed the two pennies to the side and said oh, here you can keep these. (You know, for the trays at some places with pennies in them in case you need one or two type thing).  She turned to me and angrily asked me, What did you say?! I repeated you can keep those, I don't need them. She then said,  do you have a fucking problem bitch.?!?!!   I looked at her with a surprised/confused look on my face no doubt and said excuse me? She said you heard me bitch, do you have a fucking problem?!?! I said apparently you are the one with the problem. I picked up my purchase and started walking out of the store as she began just yelling profanities at me. Then just as I get to the door she yells come on you fucking bitch, you going to do something about it?!?! Like I seriously thought she was gonna try to fight me or something. Clearly the woman is unstable.  I can't believe that all really just happened. I feel like I'm in shock or something - very surreal. WTF?! Scary.  I don't know who owns this store but she is definitely bad for your business. I know I will never go there again.
Rebecca whitehead 05/09/2019
Pros: Good to work with
Cons: None
Don Sharp03/11/2019
Pros: Help me save money on medical bills
Cons: N/A
Comment: Was looking for a medical billing advocate to help me negotiate some medical bills, and glad I found Medical Bill Gurus. Working with Daniel, I was able to reduce my hospital bill by over $5,000 and did not have to pay anything until the provider had accepted the negotiated discount and put me on a payment plan.
happy customer02/12/2019
Pros: staff
Cons: none
Comment: really good food
Pros: Clean, registered employees, relaxing atmosphere
Comment: Had a great experience! 24 hours later, feel amazing
S Bray12/11/2018
Pros: Professional, Caring and Fun
Comment: Great atmosphere! They really care about you as an individual and listen to your thoughts, concerns and wants. Very comfortable office. Highly recommend.
Pros: None
Cons: The owner of this company is highly dishonest. Do not do business with this company.
Comment: The owner of this company is highly dishonest. Do not do business with this company.
Marketing Manager06/23/2018
Comment: Learn the history of this Denver, CO spice and private label blending company that also offers access to its cutting-edge R&D team for new product.
Pros: Essential Service Dog Registration Kit is only $54 | 100% No-Risk Guarantee! | Essential Service Dog Registration Kit is only $54 | 10
Comment: The best National Service Animal Registry for dog
Patrick Robb04/21/2018
Pros: None that I am aware of.
Cons: Thief!
Comment: Rebecca Tavis, Owner & Operator of Affordable Upholstery in Elizabeth, Colorado, took $4000 in Deposits (Documented) for Materials needed to fabricate 2 Custom Vehicle Tops in July 2017 ($2K on 7/14 and $2K on 7/25). It was supposed to take 6-8 Weeks. I got nothing but excuses. As of February 17, 2018 she texted (Transcript Printed) I would have a complete refund in 30 Days. Still Nothing. She has refused to make the Tops and refuses to refund the $4K. She is a Thief. Go ANYWHERE BUT Affordable Upholstery and Rebecca Tavis in Elizabeth, Colorado. I will litigate. If the option were available, I would give this UNLICENSED Business a ZERO.