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Pros: Doctor is amazing and approachable. Great location. Nice office. Great results!
Cons: None.
Comment: Doctor is amazing and approachable. Great location. Nice office. Great results!
Pros: On time, professional, cost friendly, great communication 
Pros: Price, Communication, on time
Comment: Great company to work with, they were fast polite and budget friendly
Comment: "I want to express my deepest gratitude to [Allied Chiropractic ] for their incredible acupuncture skills that have completely cured a health issue I had been struggling with for years. I had been battling chronic digestive problems, and it had severely impacted my quality of life. However, [Allied Chiropractic ]'s acupuncture regimen has been a game-changer. [Allied Chiropractic ]'s acupuncture treatments were nothing short of miraculous. With their expertise, my digestive issues improved significantly, and I eventually became symptom-free. I can now enjoy meals without the fear of discomfort or pain, thanks to their exceptional care. Before I discovered acupuncture, I had experienced the benefits of Biomagnetism, and I couldn't help but reminisce about that time. Biomagnetism had restored my body's pH balance using magnets, offering a non-invasive and drug-free approach to healing which not only accelerated my healing naturally but also contributed to my overall wellness. This compatibility with various treatment methods, whether conventional or alternative, makes Biomagnetism a valuable option. I strongly recommend that [Allied Chiropractic ] consider integrating Biomagnetism into their acupuncture practice. Combining these two therapies is sure to offer her patients even more holistic healing, as it did for me. It's an approach that has the potential to enhance their practice significantly. For those interested in learning more about Biomagnetism, I suggest visiting DrGarciaBiomagnetism.com for additional resources and information.
Pros: Very cool shop with great people.
Cons: None
Comment: Stop in and say HI to Brent or owners Heidi and Edith. This is the historic Livery from back in the day... BUT today it has wonderful and unique gifts to enjoy and buy. This is true Silverton! Dont miss it.
Pros: Very friendly owners and staff. Great gifts - something for everyone. A "must stop in" on your next visit.
Cons: none
Comment: Very friendly owners and staff. Great gifts - something for everyone. A "must stop in" on your next visit.
Pros: I couldn't be more happy with remodeling project. David designed and built such a beautiful kitchen for us. His crew and acumen to design are second to none. I sincerely appreciated the communication during the project. I truly couldn't make a higher recommendation of any other contractor here in Highlands Ranch.
Cons: N/A
Pros: very good work quality for sure
Cons: no Cons that i think of showed up got the job done as it should be
Comment: thank you
Pros: Very rural locale, wild critters abound. Laid back lifestyle. Owners are diverse and pragmatic, to some degree...., but fundamentally principled and conservative minded. Patriotic veteran who supports US veterans and active duty.
Cons: Not fond of those with extreme liberal propensity; however, open to sensible,civil discussion(s)
Comment: Pro 2A. Open and concealed carry most welcome
Pros: none
Cons: everything 
Comment: Richmade Kitchen and Bath, are unqualified,unprofessional and a negligent contracting company. Communication is non existent.  On 11/25/2019, final completion date stated by Mitch, in writing. I had family coming that Thursday, which was Thanksgiving. What I came home to on the 25th was beyond words for a “completed” job. Mitch left a faulty, weak, poor quality stair railing with 8 ft drop. No baseboards put back.  Nothing caulk for finishing touch.  Backsplash cracking for countertops. Scratches and holes on almost every cabinet.  They left exposed metal on 2 walls. Left all drywall unfinished. They finally responded after a week and came on 12/6/19. I came home to 2 gashes in the quartz and Mitch denied it , even with photo evidence.   Everything was left unfinished. The railing worse then before. My husband then called and asked when they were coming to finish. Mitch quit the job and said project is perfect and he is proud of it.  Now the railing is coming out of the wall and the spindles are all cracking and twisting. The wood cracks more everyday. I called code enforcement 12/11/2019,had an inspection done on 12/18/2019. 5 code violations from Richmade work.  Number one being ‘Workmanlike Manner’, basically says poor work and poor quality materials. Please feel free to check out videos of there poor quality materials and poor quality work: Youtube Lee Ann Monson.