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Mike Evans09/27/2019
Comment: I have used many time tracker to get the exact logs of the team's work but I haven't received any satisfactory reports, in those time tracker, every time my team has to log in the app, start and stop the time for the activities they are doing or have to fill the daily log sheet manually. These trackers didn't help me, but after using DeskTrack all these issues were resolved as it gives me each and every bit of my team's work. I can easily identify what they are doing, list of tasks done in a day and more. This has helped me a lot in removing distractions and identify where my team need help for the improvements.
Mahesh Kumar09/20/2019
Comment: I have a team working globally and it was hard for me to check their work reports. One of my friends suggested to use DeskTrack to have the automated reporting of the team and maintain 100% transparency. It is a very good tool for the team management and have a great ROI as I am able to increase the working efficiency of my team.
Pros: great customer service, 
Comment: A Graduate Gemologist, hand fabricates her own custom designs...
Dorothy Brewer09/18/2019
Pros: Relatively quick to set up a profile and get started
Cons: This is a paid-for service
Comment: I have to say that their features are very nice for finding local singles to hookup with. There are a few sluts on here for sure, but there is some quality poon if you willing to chase for it.
Aaron Perez09/18/2019
Comment: The people at Elder Care Law were very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied and recommend them to everyone!!
David Berens09/17/2019
Comment: Very great printing service that I ran across when I was in Santee CA. Best customer service, competitive price and quality assurance.
Levy Martin09/14/2019
Comment: Knowledgeable and helpful staff help guide you through important sprays and skin care needs. CBD COLORS is great place for the latest and greatest in beauty.
Earl Henrikson09/13/2019
Comment: Great dentist office! Appointments are always very pleasant, the service is always very fast and efficient. I would highly recommend Chau Vu at Gentle Touch Dentistry.
Drew Mayer09/12/2019
Comment: Hug Plumbing Heating & Cooling was incredibly understanding and helpful. They are really sweet guys. Efficient highly and offering only competitive rates.
James Brown09/11/2019
Comment: I had a great experience at Space Mini Storage. Great facility for cheap storage units, clean and straightforward place and easily accessible. Great place if you need a place to store your things.