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Comment: There is p no pros or cons I never received it after I paid for it and it’s been over a year
Pros: Highly Recommend
Comment: Very cooperative and quality work delivered. Highly recommend.
Pros: Great company
Comment: It is great to work with a company that can actually deliver what they promise.
Pros: Everybody is friendly
Comment: He is awesome. He worked in the extreme heat with no complaints. Highly recommend using this company. Everybody is friendly. Thank you.
Cons: I took my car to these guys and they were very unprofessional it looked like a big old auto body shop with a bunch of ex felons just sitting around it smelled like beer and drugs inside the office and whe. It came to them repairing my vehicle I have a mini cam on my dash that looks into the hood and I clearly was scammed they checked the oil and added a half a bottle then they closed hood and parked it for me to come back I took my car their for oil change and filter change and new spark plugs they quoted me 329.00 but when all done I was charged over 500 dollars and when I made it home and my husband saw the video from the dash cam we clearly saw we were scammed scammed scammed 
Comment: Don’t go these Guys for nothing cause you never know what kind of service you will receive or if you will even recieve service at all like in my case 
Pros: Great Vapor Ware.
Cons: Item never ships, They do not answer email or answer the phone. Luckily got my money back via PayPal
Comment: Perfect product if only it existed.
Pros: Very Helpful and Proferssional!
Cons: nothing
Comment: I'm amazed! The best circuit board designer in state!
Comment: Awesome People, Great Service, Quality Unrivalled
Pros: Quality is Great
Comment: Awesome People, Great Service, Quality Unrivalled