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Lee Gockel04/15/2019
Pros: System works after I hired a local H/A to fix.
Cons: Outdoor condenser unit not even close to being level.
Comment: Did not show up to repair system. Waited 4 weeks without heat.
Susan T11/21/2018
Pros: great customer service
Comment: A great place to get your windows tinted! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They have a large lobby with snacks and a television if your waiting. They also do pick ups and drop offs.
Pros: Great Pizza and wonderful owners
Cons: None
Comment: One of the best pizza's I've ever eaten,and I've been eating pizza for 50 years in over 30 states. I'm from Las Vegas Nevada, some of the best food in the world is here. No pizza in Las Vegas comes close to Nima's Pizza!!!
Past tense 06/18/2018
Pros: No check ups
Cons: Don’t answer request 
Comment: Found better service elsewhere 
Former Customer05/09/2018
Cons: Not a trust worthy person
Shannon Fowlkes04/30/2018
Comment: he and his staff are caring thoughtful people, I appreciate the work they did for me. They made sure I felt no pain. I recommend them to anyone needing dental care. thank you for your Mission of mercy. I appreciate you and your staff
Mike Hess03/05/2018
Pros: Great person to deal with !
Comment: Best work around !
Michael Lewey10/24/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Incompetent, unprofessional, dishonest and disrespectful
Comment: Baker's used to be an honest business. They have now turned into one more cheap scam operation. I just watched them test gold, verify purity, and then claim "the color was wrong" - obviously a scam to get people's valuables for nothing. They don't know metal, they damned sure don't know stones, and most of all they don't know how to run a respectable or professional operation. Something about being called a liar in spite of their own test results irritates me - and that lying piece of garbage with the eye patch has made the last enemy he and they will ever need.
Unhappy patron02/08/2017
Comment: It is 2/8/17 @ 9:50pm and I was verbally assaulted by the cashier for using the restroom cause SHE needed to use it. I was in there 11 min. She tried the door several times just causing me hightend anxiety. I seriously did not want to be in a public restroom let alone a womens single toilet @ gas station and get sick. When I mentioned something to her stressing my apologies, even though she was the one jiggling the door what seemed like every 2 min, she blasted at me at a hightend tone, not a yell but, a raised voice, "you were in there freakin thirty minutes!" I said "there is a mens room ya know" she said "what lady wants to use a nasty men's room, are you dense!" I said, "yes I have sense, I have class, I have common curteosy, I had a shower AND I HAVE MY TEETH!" Sorry, I feel bad about the last part and that I let her push pull down to her level. I just lost it. I will NEVER go back in there if I see her working. It's a very clean gas station bathroom as in nothing smeared on the walls and your feet don't stick to the floor. But, I don't care if you make minimum wage, you just don't talk to people that way. Avoid this gas station at night especially when there's a short hair slightly curly, unkempt girl with half her teeth, tattoos that talks too much.
Pros: Open 24/7
Comment: Call anytime