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Comment: I'm thrilled to share my life-changing journey to wellness through acupuncture! My persistent battle with insomnia had me feeling drained until I found this [ ] extraordinary Acupuncture practice. Their skilled practitioners not only improved my sleep but completely cured my insomnia! I am immensely grateful for the transformative effects of acupuncture on my life. Biomagnetism therapy stands out as a transformative care that helped me achieve new levels of health and well-being as I reflect on my path toward holistic treatment. Applying pairs of magnets during biomagnetism therapy was nothing short of remarkable results. Seeing my results of overcoming health issues. I enthusiastically recommend acupuncturists integrate biomagnetism with their acupuncture practice. The potential for accelerated healing and an enhanced patient experience is remarkable. For more information, visit drgarciabiomagnetism.com.
Pros: The staff is so polite and full of knowledge. I got my all doubts clear within the time span. Support team is very quick to answer.Overall experience of studying is great. I got good numbers of marks in my exams.
Cons: Need to add some more subjects.
Comment: I attended the tutoring classes by Typing Tutor. The experience was great. I had learnt many things in the sessions. Thanks.
Pros: Engaging, Doubt Clearing Sessions, Syllabus Targetted
Comment: The Syllabus is vast and i learnt many things during the session. The sessions are very engaging with practical life examples. Totally, incredible experience.
Pros: Good
Cons: not bad
Comment: We are the premier roof restoration company, servicing all of Adelaide and surrounding areas. It is not a matter of ‘quick fixes’ when restoring a roof in Adelaide. Comprehensive roof restoration and roof repairs are offered by All City Roof Restorations to restore your roof to its original condition. Roof Restoration Adelaide
Pros: Highly skilled and trained expert acupuncture doctor with over 35 years of experience
Cons: He works in Huntsville Tuesday through Thursday so those days are not available in Fort Payne.
Comment: Dr. Mick listened to all of my health and wellness concerns and addresses them at each visit. He practices the way all doctors should, taking the time with patients to give the right care.
Nails Spa12/08/2021
Pros: This is Nails&spa 
Comment: Phone number is 2566445207
JACK SON10/08/2021
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Cons: 1
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Pros: built a good deck
Cons: awful window, gutter and siding installation! Does not stand behind his work
Comment: Mr. Troup was the builder of an addition to our house in 2003. He did not flash or use window tape for the window installation, nor did he flash the gutters, We replaced some wood siding several years ago that had rotted do to this bad installation of gutters and windows, and have just finished having the whole addition sided, along with the gutters and windows flashed and taped the way other builders have said should have been done in 2003. I also had to have some work done behind the siding due to water getting behind it causing even some of the framing to rot. I have talked to Mr. Troup and he is not willing to take any responsibility for the issues, in fact says he would not change the way he installed the windows, siding or gutters.