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Here at Blu-Bolt we offer our branded leather work gloves, welding gloves, and apparel through our online store. Blu-Bolt is all about the working class. Just like the feeling of pride when your shift is over and you reflect back on all the hard work you accomplished through out the day. We too feel this same sense of pride in the products that we offer. The Blu-Bolt team is a group of blue-collar workers who have came together to offer a brand that the working class can be proud to wear. Our founder is a union boilermaker who came up with the idea for Blu-Bolt while out in the field working. Since that day and forward we have all worked hard to turn that idea into reality. We are a small new company ready to take on the big dogs in the industry. Join us and be apart of the brand that represents the blood, sweat, and tears of each blue-collar worker here in America.
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