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Address 3030 Old Riva Road Riva MD 21140 Riva, MD, 21140
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Who We Are
Chesapeake Smart Energy Solutions, LLC is a service provider for the HVAC Energy Efficiency Evaluation Program for various companies, such as Pepco, SMECO, Baltimore Gas and Electric, and Delmarva. We offer companies evaluation services to improve their HVAC system’s efficiency for reduced bills and better HVAC facility.
What We Do
Any organization spends a hefty amount in their HVAC bills. This accounts for a significant portion of the company’s costs. At Chesapeake Smart Energy Solutions, LLC, we provide companies with HVAC tune-ups so as to improve their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system’s efficiency, and subsequently reduce their costs due to any inefficiencies. However, we are more than just a tune-up service provider—we aim to improve your relationship with your HVAC Company and the maintenance agreement you have with them!
Benefits Of Availing Our Services
Like mentioned previously, we are more than just a tune-up company offering annual routine maintenance. When you avail our services, you can enjoy these benefits:
• No Cost to the Customer Paid for by Empower MD Energy Tax

• Average customer Saved 15%

• Reduced energy consumption

• Extend the life of your existing HVAC Equipment

• Reduce unexpected maintenance cost

• Increase occupant comfort and safety

• Avoid failures during the hot summer months

• Improvements to the environment

• Complete Efficiency Evaluation and Recommendations for future savings

• Incentives for purchase of New Equipment

• Service Provided

• Filter Replacement

• Clean Evaporator and Condenser coils

• Measurement of airflow across the evaporator coil

• Measurement of proper amperage and voltage for the system

• Visibly Verification of proper refrigerant charge

• Verification and adjustment of proper ventilation and air flow

• Verification of proper economizer operation

• Check belts and hoses

Year established

Electrical Power Systems-Maintenance, Gas Equipment-Service & Repair, Electricians
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