Schaffert Mfg. Co.

Address71495 Road 397 Indianola, NE, 69034
Since 1991, Schaffert Mfg. Co. offers profitable seed solutions for a variety of planters and drills by understanding the needs of farmers. We learn from our experience that each planting season has a variety of needs and based on that we offer a wide range of customized fertilizer application systems, planting enhancements, and short line farm equipment. We also have easy-to-install attachments include Rebounderâ„¢ seed covers, 2x2, in-furrow, plot planters, furrow V closer, disc opener blinders, angled spike closing wheels, stalk destroyer, 4 link closer, and wheel scrapers. We also sell or rent bale movers, drills, box and forced ejection scrapers, hay rakes, cultivators, planters, rippers, stalk choppers, packers, and more. To shop, visit
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