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Navigine provides a B2B platform for developing indoor precision positioning and tracking services.
The Navigine platform includes two main products:
1.Mobile platform provides indoor and outdoor navigation feature that could be included into any existing mobile application for navigation inside shopping malls, airports, supermarkets and other.
2. Tracking platform for location valuable assets and employees for enterprise.

The Navigine platform is widely used in many areas:
industrial enterprises - tracking the movement of employees and equipment, recreation of the history of movement on the territory of industrial enterprises;transport - internal navigation at airports, metro stations, railway stations;
museums - online guides, routes through the halls and exhibits to enhance the experience of visiting a museum;
retail - interactive navigation and push notifications in retail stores;
healthcare - navigation for employees and visitors of medical institutions (clinics, hospitals, etc.), Tracking the movement and placement of medical equipment on the territory of medical institutions;
warehousing and logistics - positioning objects in warehouses, quick search;
real estate and offices - indoor navigation in companies to find and track personnel and equipment;
automotive sector - control of service in car services, at service stations;
entertainment and culture - determining the number of visitors, navigation at concerts, exhibitions and other venues for organizers of entertainment, business and cultural events.

Benefits of the Navigine platform
Navigine specialists have extensive experience in implementing indoor implementation methods. The company provides a convenient program that successfully solves the problems of monitoring people and objects. Benefits of cooperation with the organization:
operational support;
ease of use of API and SDK, allowing customers to easily implement their own analysis, push notifications and internal navigation programs;
strong team of experts, more than 8 years on the market;
possibility of preliminary acquaintance with the platform with access to all tools of the program;
quick and easy deploy and scale of the solution.
the ability to use different equipment and technologies, depending on the case.
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Indoor Navigation, IT
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  • 11/13/2020
    Flexible solutions for bussines
    Navigine has long been our technology partner. The company has extensive experience in the development and implementation of indoor navigation software. Navigine provides a convenient platform that helps to solve problems in the field of indoor navigation, personnel monitoring, geo-location marketing. The organization can also provide its clients with analytical tools for retail, industry, logistics and culture.