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Clean Homes DMV provides premier residential cleaning services to customers throughout the Washington DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. Our home cleaners and maids are experienced professionals who are passionate about cleaning other peoples’ spaces. Call our friendly team today to discuss your cleaning requirements. At Clean Homes DMV, we pride ourselves in providing five-star house cleaning services to our customers through an easy booking process and top notch cleaning jobs.
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  • 5/4/2021
    Failed to Properly Execute All agreed upon Services and Tasks
    Clean Homes DMV is the worst house cleaning service I have ever encountered. They were supposed to deep clean our two-bedroom condo and did not perform all of the services and tasks as requested and agreed upon to the fullest and highest level possible. During the time, the workers were cleaning I had to constantly check on the workers and tell them how to do their jobs, which was tiring and ridiculous. And after they left and upon full inspection, I found that they had not cleaned everything in a "Deep Clean" manner. I immediately called the office and informed them of the problem and was informed that they could send the team back to re-clean. This was not an option, as I had to run the UV light sanitizer to sanitize the residence after the house cleaning team had left due to COVID-19. Please note that their one-sided tricky policy states that if you are not satisfied, they will have to send the same terrible ill-equipped team back to re-clean your residence. It is really sad, dangerous, and unsanitary due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that this company expects customers to want or allow the same ill-equipped workers to come back and re-clean their home. No one should have to pay over $200 for poor service and then have to be inconvenienced by being told to reschedule the service. Clean Homes DMV is one of the worst cleaning companies that I have ever interacted with and should ashamed of how they operate and for taking advantage of people in this way. I hope that if you are reading this, that you will not utilize their services for any reason. Do yourself a favor and check HomeAdvisor or Angi or Thumbtack for much better home cleaning companies and sole proprietors. Please don't get fooled and taken in like I was.