Semper Laser Hair Removal

Address5740 Sunset Dr South Miami, FL, 33143
(786) 216-7993
Semper Laser Hair Removal is a locally-owned, affordable & results-driven laser hair removal center in Miami, FL. We specialize in the best laser hair removal, meaning we’re able to bring you the most efficient and affordable services. Quite simply put, we only do hair removal, so we know how to make it easy and effective! If you’re looking for the best laser hair removal in Miami, or perhaps were exploring other solutions like electrolysis in Miami, look no further and stop in at one of our locations!
Monday 8AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Tuesday 8AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Wednesday 8AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Thursday 8AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Friday 8AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Saturday 9AM–1PM, 2–5PM
Sunday Closed
Hair Removal
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