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We aim to ensure our customers look upon their garage floors with pride, gratitude and appeal while providing a clean and sleek aesthetic. Headquartered in Minnetonka MN we find far too often, garage flooring is unsealed raw concrete that gathers a record amount of dust and dirt which eventually tracks into your household or business. We are here to provide our customers, community and business partners an opportunity to change the face and typical dirty unsealed concrete garage floor into a marvel centerpiece for your space.
About Us
Our business and team were established here in Minnetonka MN as a family company with big dreams and aspirations. We started in our garage with a desire to change the conventional dirty, dust-gathering region of our home we all love. Our founders started experimenting with different concrete mixtures, coats and epoxy coverings. We have undergone significant lessons and experiences in our attempt to become one of the state of the art industry leading garage flooring and repair companies in the state of Minnesota.
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Our Services
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Our overall mission, we started with from the beginning, is to become the all-in-one expert on garage floor installation and repair. The services we currently specialize in include but are not limited to Residential flooring, Commercial flooring, Epoxy Garage floors, Installation, Garage Floor Cleaning, and Clear Coating. Furthermore, our team offers custom solutions designed to cater to the individual, unique needs demonstrated by the variety of customers we serve.
Epoxy Garage Floors
The team we have assembled has extensive experience in supporting the needs of residential clients in the greater Minnetonka area. It should come as no surprise that your garage, a major contributor to the overall value of your property, is subject to extensive abuse from oil drips, moisture, chemical spillage, road salts, and many other offenders.
The commercial team we have developed understands the dynamic and unique needs of organizations of all sizes in our area. We apply industry expertise together with a consultative approach to further understand our client's needs and seamlessly align our operational programs to their logistical departments which ensures a smooth and stress-free process that adheres to budget commitments, time constraints and minimal downtime. Commercial garage flooring receives a constant bombardment of traffic oils, fuels, metals, heavy machinery and others that can easily cause major damage and contribute to the rapid deterioration of the flooring.
Epoxy Garage Floors
If you are looking to learn more about the vast benefits of epoxy garage flooring, our team can provide you with some of the industry's most effective guidelines and solutions to fit your situation. Our group has been developed and continuously trained to become some of the most knowledgeable and qualified professionals in Minnetonka. We take considerable pride and enthusiasm in providing excellent customer service and unparalleled finished products.
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Epoxy Garage Floors
A possible change or upgrade to your garage flooring or the investment into the appropriate concrete floor can go a long way in increasing your garage floor's durability, aesthetic and comfort. Our team has the resources to provide a wide range of high-quality services and flooring options that will drastically improve and transform your garage from dull and dusty to a coveted draw and centerpiece of your property.
Garage Floor Cleaning
Like all of our possessions and investments, our garage flooring eventually becomes dull and dirty over time and requires a proper, effective cleaning to bring it back up to standard. A fully serviced clean from our team of industry experts can quickly turn your garage floor around and bring new fresh life into your space. When you work with our garage floor cleaning team, you are benefiting from over 30 years of experience and knowledge packed into a quick, hassle-free, effective and economical solution designed specifically for your needs.
Clear Coating
Our team has a range of services and guidelines within the clean coating specialty we offer which covers a range of floorings outside and inside your garage. Our coating methods and systems can be utilized to prevent accidents on basement floors, brick, stone, driveways, sidewalks and many more. In particular, the coating options we provide are designed to be used on floor areas which frequently come into contact with high traffic, impacted pressure and potential spillage. If you have any questions regarding the clear coating services our team offers, please be sure to contact our customer service team today at the number provided.
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Contact Us Today
All of the members and staff at MGF share an unwavering enthusiasm towards installing and repairing garage flooring. That enthusiasm is translated and embodies our customer service culture. When you call our office, you will be directly linked to a local industry expert that is ready and excited to help you. Share your vision with our team and let us get to work on your behalf. Over time, we have been fortunate to receive the support of our local community and therefore we believe in giving back in every way we know-how. The best way we know how is to contribute to the strengthening of our local members as well as the local economy.

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