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Complete Business Accounting Services
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Tax Service in D.C. is the place to call for all of your tax preparation and business accounting service needs. It is our mission to provide you with accounting services that are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs in an environment that is both comfortable and professional. You'll be able to build a stronger company by staying informed about your finances through our detailed bookkeeping and accounting services. Improve your company's profit margin with precise business accounting from our office in Washington, DC.
Accounting for Small Businesses
Trust us to handle all of your small business accounting needs. By working closely with our team of accountants, you are able to create and reach financial goals that will help your company grow. All you have to do is provide us with your records and we'll review your company's performance and give you an informative annual report, which includes cash flow statements and year-end tax planning and preparation services. This is a great service for growing companies that want to start implementing the best management practices available to expand their human resources, employee benefits, and business insurance requirements. CEOs, presidents, and founders of small businesses can also receive business-consulting services to learn how to follow through on validating assumptions and capital expenditures.
Accounting for Medium-Sized Businesses
Medium-sized companies require a more hands-on approach when it comes to their financial management services. You'll need an informed opinion when it comes to the analysis of your break-even points, cost and revenue projections, budgets, and cash forecasts. Tax Service in D.C. provides you with all of these services for 90-day, 6-month, and 1-year intervals. You'll receive a reader-friendly statement that will help you guide your company to financial competence. Additionally, you can have our accountants meet with your investors, board committees, and other important contributors to your company to further explain our business accounting services and findings.
Bookkeeping, Business Accounting in Washington, DC
About the Owner
Owner Maria Elena Lopez has a master's degree in accounting and MBA Finance. She is licensed to practice accounting in the District of Columbia. Her experience includes working as a volunteer with the IRS for 7 years, as well as with other tax companies. She founded Tax Service in D.C. to provide clients with precise tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting services at great prices. Serving clients of all nationalities, Maria Elena is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English.
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  • Maria Elena Lopez
    Maria Elena Lopez, Accountant. Preparation Service Prices Start at $50.00  “If you have tax problems, give us a call.”  I offer excellent representation and services including  tax collection, bank levy, wage levy and seizure defense.  I offer electronic tax preparation of:  *990 non profit charitable taxes for   501(C)(3)’s; *1040 individual, self employment, household   “nanny” taxes; *1041, 706 estate and trust taxes  *1065 partnership and limited liability company taxes  *1120 corporate taxes and sales taxes  *Current, past years dating to 1983, secure old refunds  *Amendments, IRS prepared returns,  *Abatements, Remove old tax liens  *Offers in Compromise and Payment Agreements  *Tax and Accounting Audits, innocent & injured spouse  *Research credits, expenses, deductions & capital gains  Incorporation of businesses & charitable non profit   organizations for child care centers, churches, etc  4416 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC 20011;  (202) 882-0935. Fax: (202) 248-6169.