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Action Solar Installation of San Diego is backed by our parent company Action AC that has been a staple in the San Diego community for over 30+ years. Our best-selling point is our warranty protection. Most solar contractors are just riding the green wave and will be out of business as soon as the tax credits expire. We have been around since 1975 and we will be there to continue servicing your solar panels long after most other solar companies are gone. Combine that with our time-tested professionalism and customer service and you have a winning formula. Get solar panels installed in your San Diego home for a ridiculously great 0% financing today! With a solar-powered home or business, you don’t have to depend on your utility company for lesser energy expenditures. Protect your home or company budget from future utility rate increases with the help of the best solar installers San Diego market has to offer. As the leading solar energy professionals in San Diego, we work with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. At Action Air, we offer a vast range of premier solar panels boasting superior performance and five-star quality. And they all come with warranty support! Tell us your solar needs and get exceptional solar energy solutions from the most reliable solar panel installers in San Diego! All you need to do is call Action Air Conditioning, Heating and schedule your no-cost on-site solar evaluation! Action Solar Installation of San Diego is happy to offer different financing options to customers who would like to invest in a clean energy home. With our financing incentives, not only can you obtain an affordable solar energy system but get an additional ROI every month! Our solar financing San Diego options are designed to cater to a variety of solar services, including installation, repair and replacement. Decrease your carbon footprint and enjoy lower energy bills month after month with Action Solar Installation of San Diego. California is the leading U.S. solar state, with the greatest number of residential and commercial solar projects, as well as megawatts installed and the average cost per watt. This status is largely owed to the passing of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) in 2007. CSI is a solar energy rebate program funded by the state of California. It is also part of the Go Solar California campaign, alongside other rebate programs such as New Solar Homes. If you are a home or business owner in San Diego or any of the surrounding areas, reach out to Action Air Conditioning & Solar to discover how you can get your cash back by installing solar panels in your home or commercial property. We offer free solar evaluations! There are several solar initiatives available to California residents as part of the California Solar Initiative. Different incentive levels are devised to encourage maximum solar generation throughout California. The incentives are informed by solar panel performance, taking into account the following factors: installation angle, tilt and location.
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