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“Where we bring Speed dating events in the comfort of your own home or office”

So you are fed up with online dating, along with the 99% of other singles out there. We get that. Do you fear these dating scams being taken advantage of financially by someone in Nigeria? It is highly possible for that to happen. Many others have fallen in the same trap. You would prefer meeting people face to face at our Speed dating events but some of our venues may be located a bit too far from where you live, we get that as well. So how about if we bring our Speed dating events right in your living room? Yes, with the help of a webcam, you can attend our events from ANYWHERE at a fraction of the cost of our face to face events. Also, our themes cover all type of age group, ethnicity, religion and so much more. I am certain that you will find some of our events that falls within your age or interest. The best part is that it cost ONLY 6 dollars to participate. From Monday to Thursday, all our speed dating events are virtual, and the remaining of the week is face to face event. Visit our calendar of virtual events at and experience the NEW and SAFE way in dating in the 21st century. Create your account FREE, select your event, and meet amazing singles with the help of a webcam (a must to participate). Once you are done with your 6 minutes session with one participant, you can select another participant (if they approve the connection). Do this for a full hour and schedule a rendez-vous with that person soon after.

To take advantage of your instant discount (15% OFF) on all our themed events, make sure to mention your discount code: GBJDISCOUNT when paying for your chosen event and get to meet someone NEW today.

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