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When your rugs become stained and dirty, you may need to have them cleaned to restore their beauty and color. If so, the experts at Rug Cleaning Alpine are here to help. We are one of the top leading providers for rug cleaning services in NJ. Our team works hard to get your rugs cleaned and deliver them to you spotless and odorless.

Professional and Reliable Rug Cleaning in Alpine. While you may think that your rug looks like it is clean, you may actually be surprised to find out that it is dirty. There are many different types of bacteria, dust, and dirt that can lodge themselves in your rug and make you sick. If these allergens are trapped in your rug, you may experience some allergy flare ups.

Each one of our team members is trained to properly handle and care for your rug. You will receive an odorless and spotless rug when we return it to you. One of the main things that sets us apart from others is that we actually remove the stains and odors and we do not just simply mask them.
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