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The FotoBash Premiere Photobooths mission is to turn every occasion into a PARTY with a fun experience and beautiful photo booth photographs. Capturing your celebration's moments that your family, friends and guests will share and keep for years. We want your guest to thank you for finding the best photo booth experience in Tucson. Imagine stepping up to the photo booth kiosk and selecting the perfect backdrop from the up to 25 different green screen options. Then having a few pictures and picking which one you like best. Your pick then becomes your "PIC" with an instant 4 x 6 print on a professional lab quality printer that is instantly dry and able to be held without smudging. Isn't that so much better than the small cheap thumbnails that most photo booth companies give you? Sure, it would save us money but your guests will appreciate having an image to take home. If your guests are like most, then over 97% of their images are never printed. This could be their only printed photograph this year!Then as you are viewing your printed photograph, your image pops up on the slide show across the room as your guests look back with either a smile or some laughter to show their approval. After the party is over, your guests will download and post the images to social media with comments like "best party ever" to further share their appreciation for your selection of the best photo booth experience in Tucson.FotoBash is NOT a traditional photo booth rental. Photo Booths began as actual booths that are still available typically as a photo booth rental. These often have a sitting area with a small backdrop and a curtain. You can comfortably fit a few people and cram in a few more. There is one small flash and the images often look distorted because the camera is so close to your guests. Additionally, FotoBash is NOT an open photo booth rental that looks like a large cell phone on a selfie stick. This is popular with photo hotel lobbies because of size and simplicity. The setup time is reduced making it easier for the photo booth rental company. Typically, open booths are operated by an attendant instead of a photographer.FotoBash essentially brings the quality of a photographic studio with the fun of a great DJ (disclaimer we are not DJs). The space requirements are a little larger (15 X 15) because we bring a large backdrop that provides the flexibility for large groups of friends and family. Additionally, we use professional camera equipment with studio quality lights. The large lights ensure that everyone looks their best.
Mon-Sun 9 am - 7 pm
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Photography & Videography
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