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Green Glove Cleaning Service is an Eco-Friendly cleaning company and our clients are the government, businesses, and families that aim to increase their awareness of sustainability through environmentally-sound cleaning practice. By utilizing these cleaning practices, they demonstrate how sustainability benefits our government, companies, families, and the environment, today and for the future. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint in South Florida and we, at Green Glove Cleaning Service, happily share that mission with them.

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Green Glove Cleaning Service’s management style is based on goal orientation. We have meetings to maintain effective communication to set objectives, set schedules of when the task is to be completed, evaluate the complexity of projects, size, and nature of tasks with step-by-step plan of action, check resources, set project structure, information, and control systems to work towards each goal.
Green Glove Cleaning Service is a Veteran-Owned Business with a military structure. Management is trained to understand the industry, understand the needs of the job we are doing and what it means to provide Premium Service.


As a veteran-owned company, Green Glove Cleaning Service employs veterans. All Green Glove Cleaning Service employees are or have American citizenship, legal alien, permanent resident, or work visa status. This is confirmed by a nationwide social security and birth date security check.
All employees must provide valid documents of identity, as prescribed by the United States Department of Homeland Security, for purpose of Employment Eligibility Verification. Any prospective employees that don’t meet these standards will be given the opportunity and assistance to become legal workers in this country and our company.

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