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At Kolstad Hair Restoration, our philosophy is about making our patients happy, plain and simple. All too often we have seen unfortunate cosmetic surgery results where the person doesn’t end up looking younger or better—but rather different. “Plastic surgery should not look plastic” he says. The goal of every hair transplant in San Diego is to achieve the best result without any telltale signs of having had surgery. Dr. Kolstad will meet each patient for an initial consultation since every individual will have different cosmetic surgery goals, as well as different characteristics. During your consultation, you will be given time to identify areas that you are seeking improvement. Dr. Kolstad will listen to your concerns about treatments and how they affect your identity.
Once your goals and concerns have been identified, Dr. Kolstad will guide you through a treatment strategy and allow you to choose which is best for you. He will not assume a paternalistic role and will never impose upon the patient.
Dr. Kolstad believes that every single procedure, large or small, must be unique and reflect the individuality of the patient. There is no one result fits all philosophy here. Dr. Kolstad will offer an array of hair restoration options and procedures to get you looking, and feeling your best."

Plastic surgery, Mens hair loss, womens hair loss, Hair Loss Treatment, Laser Therapy
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